WoW Gold!

Ni hao!

The title might be a bad idea, I might attract gold farmers or gold buyers to bookmark me or something…

I’ve always wondered at how people somehow find it difficult to get money, not only in WoW but almost every game. It’s probably related to how some people find it difficult to get money in real life too… hmm.

Between our two accounts, the amount of gold we have is simply staggering. Ok maybe we haven’t quite reached the gold cap (2^31 copper = 214,748 gold 36 silver 48 copper) but the amount is pretty ridiculous. Of course when I say “between our two accounts” its more like my modest sum appended on the stupendous bank vault of my wife, in which she likes to swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his pool of shiny gold coins. While muttering “mmmm shinies… they taste so sweeet”.

It’s gotten to the point where making more money just feels kinda meaningless… but it’s still fun >.<

The funny thing is we don’t even know how we reached this amount. We stopped playing WoW for 3 months and just recently came back with the upcoming expansion. At that point our finances were pretty staggering, but I figured that with 3 months of not playing most people would have caught up.

Nope, there are actually still people who don’t even have an epic flying mount on their mains… How is this even possible with the introduction of a billion daily quests everywhere you go and the general inflation of a 3 year old MMORPG meaning someone somewhere is willing to buy crap from you for a 100% profit just to save himself 2 minutes of time.

We have 4 level 70’s each, with epic flying mounts for all (5000 gold each) with a 5th 70 coming up each. There’s a guild bank full of stuff that we’ve collected since we’re both packrats, including ores and herbs and gems that would probably sell for at least 10,000. I’ve never farmed for gold in my 3 years of playing, including more than 2 years of raiding from ZG up to BT.

And there are still people who buy gold… What do they use it for???

3 thoughts on “WoW Gold!

  1. Yay, first comment of the site. This is da wife. And I’m not a scrooge mcduck…just err… prudent with money!

    With that title, maybe you’ll be seen as a gold seller setting up a psuedo blog to attract pings. Apparently there are some that ‘scrape’ real content from other bloggers and set up imitation blogs to boost page rank for their gold selling blogs.

  2. ni hao. i`ve been playing wow for 3 years and a half and i never ever had problems with gold or repairing my gear. why? because i actually played! i did all quests, on 2 characters, did dailies, i have epic mounts on 2 chars and plenty of gold.
    i think people spend gold on items from the AH, especially mid level items which are expensive instead of playing, going to instances and earn them.

  3. hiya 🙂 thanks for reading.

    Most people don’t seem to understand the value of what they are spending on. E.g. they will spend hundreds on gear while levelling as you mentioned… but what is the actual benefit? Maybe they kill 1% faster and reach 70 1 day earlier… whoopdeedoo. Or they will put 200g enchants on weapons that they outlevel in 1 week.

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