PvP = PvE

I’m going to take Blessing of King’s suggestion and write something about PVP and PVE. Lots of people who prefer PvE hate PvP (they like the teamwork and atmosphere of raiding) and lots of people who prefer PvP loathe PvE (biggest complaint seems to be that PvE is “scripted and boring”).

I actually find that PvP’ers who give that excuse are hilarious, because it just goes to show that they have no clue what’s going on in both PvP and PvE.

A PvP match, be it an arena or a duel, is just as scripted as any PvE boss encounter that these people complain about. The only reason why someone wouldn’t think so would be due to ignorance, of either the skills available to other classes or the appropriate tactics. The difference, just as in any raid, lies in the execution of the script.

Lets say my warlock is dueling with a pally. First thing we check is, what spec is the pally? There are lots of telltales that would dictate what is the best course of action to handle this. So it would go something like “if holy then do X. if ret, then do Y. else, laugh at the prot pally”. If you know what abilities a pally and each spec does, then obviously you know what to do to try to counter as best as you can. If he’s holy, you know his damage output won’t be great and he’ll be trying to outlast you. If he’s ret he will try to close and burst you down. As a pally he will be weak against fear, you’ll have to counterspell his big heals or interrupt them with fear, try to burst him when he has forbearance etc etc.

All this doesn’t change regardless of who is playing the character. You don’t get any new abilities. You don’t magically do more damage because you press the button harder. Sure, you can have little tricks here and there, but that doesn’t mean the fight isn’t scripted. It just means your opponent didn’t read the script carefully and thus got caught. Just the same as getting caught in green fire from Boss Z. I doubt that most of these whiny PvPers were ever involved in any difficult raids and probably don’t really have a clue what’s going on during the few raids they were in, save for the exasperated instructions given by the raid leader to “do this! no, jump that way! now pose like a teapot!”

The script for PvP is longer and more complicated since there are more possible actions than for a PvE encounter, but if you actually understand the classes the “best” course of action is pretty clear cut most of the time. Just as for PvE, if enemy does that, do this.

Unless of course what they really mean by “not scripted” is actually “i like to bully people who don’t know what they’re doing and don’t actually fight back, unlike those pesky AI controlled mobs who don’t go AFK”.


3 thoughts on “PvP = PvE

  1. Your premise is spot on. The reality of all games is that even if things are set off to go off at a certain time, any human reaction can be just as “preprogrammed” as a boss can be. The difference between PvP and PvE is not necessarily one of symantics, but it is a whole lot closer to each other than the PvP lover/PvE haters make it out to be.

    That being said, I am in the opposite camp. I HATE PvP with a passion. Well let me clarify that, I hate Arenas with a passion. I actually do love Battlegrounds. I have extremely high hopes for Wintergrasp and hope it can live up to what Blizzard hopes it will be. Arena’s on the other hand are a fishbowl. A fishbowl I really do not appreciate or enjoy. Not to say that I dislike them because I am not good (the global answer from anyone who loves Arenas). I dislike them because the format is not ideal and the reward/ladder system is incredibly skewed towards those people are successful early. Something Blizzard ahs failed to remedy thus far.

  2. Actually BGs have a bit more pve or story element to them than arena. Pre-BC, when we first started playing on Elune on the horde side, we used to do a lot of premades and I enjoyed them a lot. Our gear were generally poorer than our alliance counterparts who had much greater progression in pve. 1 vs 1, I’ll always get creamed by the warriors that I cannot outrun, the fear/dot combination by the shadowpriest and warlocks. But with better coordination and teamwork, we were able to win many games against them.

    There was a great sense of comaraderie I had with the rest of the familiar gang. And also with the same few alliance that we always meet in bgs all the time.

    Now with the cross server pvps, things have become more… impersonal. Maybe it’s because now I’m on another server playing alliance. But the general feel is that no one wants to follow strategies. There’s a lot less accountability to your fellow pvpers because you’re not likely to see them again. Perhaps that may explain the proliferance of afkers nowadays.

  3. Arenas are kinda rough in that the composition of the team plays a really really huge part in the match. When we were playing arenas every week (just putting in games for welfare epics) we faced multiple druid/warrior teams in 2v2 that were soooo tough. Any warrior worth his salt would immediately charge and kill my felhunter, and then start working on my lock. Any warrior who did anything else obviously was inexperienced.

    Jericho, while you dislike PvP I think there are also elements similar to PvE in there that can be enjoyable, but the key is to do it with people you like. I’m more partial to PvE myself but playing with my wife does make PvP quite fun sometimes too, such as when we defend a tower in EotS from 5 incoming horde with just the 2 of us, or when we run flags in WSG. There’s teamwork and strategy involved that can enable you to win even against the odds, kinda like raiding. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned its hard to find people willing to cooperate in pug BGs.

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