(She says) Introduction

Hey all, I realized I haven’t really introduced myself. I’m the other half of Pockie’s marriage. In his words (which you shouldn’t trust), I’m the gold hoarding dragon Scrooge, the panda and other silly names. I’ll post some of my gaming related thoughts here under (She says).

I was a gamer even before I met Pockie. My brother was the one who brought me to an arcade when I was about 10, who later introduced me to Street Fighter and RPGs and from then I was set for life as a female gamer. When I was younger and had a bit of complex, I enjoyed going to arcades and challenging guys I don’t even know in fighting games like KoF even if I have never played it before. I got this great kick out of thinking “Ha, I’m a female and I beat you at it”. Now that I’m older, I don’t bother with the cheap thrill. The sense of sexual equality seems to have naturalized in me such that I do not even think of the differentiation of male and female gamers. I no longer feel the need to prove my conviction that females are just as capable.

Hmmm, old skool...

Over the years, I’ve played many games on different platforms – SNES, dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Gamecube, PC – and mant genres. And then three years ago, we found World of Warcraft. I really enjoy the fact that we can play together and that there’s always something to do, even if it’s as mundane as getting more gold 🙂 In WoW, I do happen to play a more conventional “female gamer” role of healing. Of the 4 level 70s I currently have, 3 are healers (druid, shaman, priest). The druid has been my main since the beginning. In the upcoming expac, I will be trying out raiding with my shaman instead.

Somehow I find more challenge in healing than dpsing which to me boiled down to working out the best dps rotation and then repeat ad nauseam. Healing has more trade-offs – Healing per second versus healing per mana. As a druid, I make many micro decisions during a raid about who to heal, when to heal and how much depending on who else is on my healing team. You can play god and choose which dps to keep alive. Or whether to save your rebirth for the lock tank in Leo or rez that silly dps that died on the pull. Or trying to save people who refuse to run out of rain of fires.

Of course with the recent nerfs to raid bosses and mobs, the healing has become rather trivial. I could heal through the kara holiday boss in a 6-man raid, one fury tank, and my elemental shaman being the only healer. Or maybe that boss is just a bit wussy to begin with… But I look forward to the new challenges that the new expansion will bring.


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