(She Says) What to Level in Wrath

So yes, I do have just about the same of alts as the husband. But only just to keep him company. Plus he technically still has his abandoned mage at level 55+. So that’s still one more than me! Most of my characters were companions to his character.

Druid (levelled with his warlock)

I’ve enjoyed playing a druid in my MUDD days so this was an obvious choice. Part of the reason I remember was also because druids were in short supply…. and they still were in the pve environment. I wanted to play a healer with some marginal capability for dps. But of course in the case of WoW, the resto druid puts our the most pathetic dps I’ve ever seen. As with his warlock, she is the best geared since she has been raiding for 2+ years up and decked with a full set of pvp gear and accessories as well. The removal of +healing and changes to Balance spec also mean that now I can deal decent dps with my current set of healing gear.  With the raid/group viability of moonkins, I may keep her as Balance-specced.

Shaman (levelled with his druid)

The shaman was the latest lvl 70 alt we have. I’m the healing compadre to his druid tank. I spent a long time gearing her up with badge gear because we were short on resto shamans for a period of time. Brainheal was too good to resist and I had wanted to switch main. That didn’t really happen and by that time I was somewhat burnt out even though we were so close to completing BT. The shaman has minimal pvp gear since she got onto the welfare epic train a little late.  But I did manage to save up a load of honor points which I was going to spend on upgrading raiding gear if I could switch mains.

So with that 67k honor points, I will begin my journey in Northrend with the shaman to eventually become my main healer. I feel like I want a change from the druid. In terms of healing, the shaman has more versatility even when not specced resto whereas many critical druid healing talents are talented. I’ve also not had the chance to explore the new druid healing spells.

Warrior (levelled with his pally)

My warrior is the 3rd 70 character. She was initially supposed to tank. In fact I did fairly well tanking 5-mans like Shadowlabs (keeping aggro on multiple mobs, running from murmur when he does his thing) but by the time I hit 70, most people were doing heroics. It was tough getting a group going and the rep required to do heroics was still revered so that closed a lot of doors for me. On top of that, I had to respec constantly to tank for pve and dps for pvp. We were also still gearing mains in Karazhan at that time, so I had a hard time gearing up as a tank. Eventually I gave up and made her a pvp character. Except I was kinda bad at it. Partly due to the lag (same problem as his rogue… “target not in range”x100) and partly because I’m a weak little keyboard turner… She has a full set of S2/S3 gear and a big blacksmithing mace. I may consider becoming a tank again.

Warlock (was levelling with his shaman)

This was my latest character that I rolled as a fun dps to play with his shaman. She’s a cute little gnome as well. But a bit neglected at the moment. Currently still level 58. This will still be one of my “fun” alts.

Priest (levelled with his rogue)

Just like his rogue, we had this character since pre-BC and the whole idea was to have a pvp character. She was my first dps character and was meant to be a shadow priest. Spriests were quite weak in BC except to serve as mana batteries in raid, so she was abandoned for a while. Later I respecced her as Discipline and we had quite a bit of fun as a RMP combi in 3vs3. Gearwise, she has a fair amt of spriest and pvp gear. Another “fun” alt to consider when I have nothing better to do =)


At this point my priority for levelling would be shaman->druid->warrior->warlock->priest. The shaman will be my main healer.  The remainder may still change depending on the feedback or to complement his choices.

(I really have to go hunt around for a nice set of avatars to differentiate our posts)

3 thoughts on “(She Says) What to Level in Wrath

  1. Shaman (levelled with his druid)

    “In terms of healing, the shaman has more versatility.”

    I though you guys said just spam chain heal?

  2. ni hao 🙂

    when not specced resto, shaman still has lhw and hw. so a non-resto shaman has a small fast heal, a big single heal, and the aoe brain heal.

    i think no other non-resto class has a small fast heal, a big heal, and a aoe heal. but yeah, actually just chain heal solves all your problems 🙂

  3. The comparison is really between my shaman and druid who are both not resto-specced at the moment (elemental and moonkin respectively)

    Chain heal really shine in raids where healers focus on only one role – raid/aoe heal or tank heal since shamans really excel in the aoe heal department.

    But in 5-man dungeons, there is usually one healer so the healer would have to handle both jobs. In the case of shamans, their single target heals are not too shabby. In comparison, the druid is woefully lacking in the aoe heal department unless I spec deep into resto =_=

    Plus, there’s usually some caster who likes to stand by themselves. I’ve had people deliberately move away from me when I park myself close to them. So no chain heals for those guys….

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