What to level in Wrath…

Well my wife calls me an altoholic… but she has the same number of alts as me so *whistle*

In any case we have 4 70s each, with a 5th one coming up. At this stage of the game I think most people would have at least 2 70s, unless they play really casually or just picked up the game. So which character to level first to 80 would probably be something relevant to a lot of people.

My current 70s are warlock, feral druid, pally and rogue. I also have a 68 enhancement shaman that I was trying to level up to 70 before the expansion but looks like I won’t make it.


My main character in classic and burning crusade, this cute little gnome was my first Alliance character. I always wanted to play a warlock even before starting WoW but at that time warlocks were quite complicated so I went with an orc hunter instead. He’s definitely the best geared since I raided almost exclusively with him and he has the most pvp gear as well due to being the first on the welfare epic train. However, I’m not too keen on playing him as my main in the expansion since I found that there wasn’t much he could do outside raids since he was just another dps character. To exacerbate the matter, we are not intending to raid as much in WotLK to avoid burn out again.


I leveled my feral druid because I wanted to try tanking, and druids were pretty easy to gear up due to the availability of the heavy clefthoof set (compared to warriors and pallies who had to worry about uncrittable and uncrushable). Also, swipe spam = win! Levelled with my wife’s shaman and had a blast because finding instances was so easy with a tank + healer available, just needed 3 random dps and cc wasn’t even a real concern.

Leaning towards him as my main because with tanks doing more damage now, it should be decently easy to 2-man a lot of stuff. Also, being a hybrid there are more ways to advance the character as I can gear him up to do other stuff such as moonkin if I feel like it in the future. (Tried playing my wife’s resto druid in raids last time… it wasn’t pretty sssh don’t tell the people who died miserably crying “where’s my heaaaaals”)


Levelled together with my wife’s warrior on this, it was our first try at the tank/healer duo as well as an attempt to arena with a pally/warrior team. Quite fun to play and I healed quite a few alt kara runs, as well as a couple of T5 bosses when our regular pallies weren’t available. But my wife didn’t really enjoy tanking and it was troublesome having to respec prot/arms for instances/pvp so gradually they only came out for the welfare epics every weekend. Despite the huge wave of weeping pallies crying about the nerfs, I don’t see much of a difference and probably intend to still go Holy at 80 and be my healer.


My newest character, I’ve been levelling him as enhancement and really enjoy it (although I’m a total totem noob). I plan on continuing on as enhancement, and possibly collect a secondary resto set. However he’s only 68 now, so he has very poor gear and will have a bit of catching up to do.


Ah… my rogue. My first alt after my warlock, he was created to pvp with (along with my wife’s shadow priest) since at that time they were really powerful in pvp. When most people only have 2000 hp, a rogue can easily stunlock you from 100% to 0%. And shadow word pain actually hurt. He was also my second 70 and thus decently kitted out with lots of welfare epics also (he actually has 3 season 2 weapons since I switched to subtlety and needed a new weapon). However… its quite difficult to play melee dps when you’re not in the US since all you see due to the latency are constant “you are out of range” and “you must be behind your target” messages. Furthermore, all a rogue does is dps… my warlock could do much more dps and from range, which was an additional benefit. All in all, he’s probably the unloved stepchild now and will definitely be the last to be leveled.


As it stands, it looks like I’ll be going in the order of druid -> pally -> shaman -> warlock -> rogue since I feel like there are more avenues for character progression for hybrids than pure classes for my intended style of play. However, playing a tank as my main will be both good and bad since I’m already beginning to get constant whispers pestering me to tank pointless stuff so I’ll have to see how it goes.

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