(She Says) WotLK Thoughts and the Arbitrager

scrooge diving in goldPeople come into the expansion with different goals. 

For some, it’s a race to level 80. But it’s not for me. I enjoy the leisurely tour of the new content. I want to stop and read the quest text instead of skimming through in 2 seconds and go “ok, he wants some wolves killed. Where da wolfies? KEEEEEL”. I like the rolling greens in the new expansion which reminds me of Mulgore. Some of the new quest types with the siege machines are also quite fun. The quest groups I enjoy the most are actually the death knight ones. The story element of the quests are strong and quite interesting. Even if you do not intend to play a DK, I would still recommend rolling one to enjoy the story of how DK’s come to be part of the Alliance/ Horde.

There are also people who have spent thousands of gold power levelling their professions either for the title of server first or to command monopoly pricing as one of the only service providers of their profession. Most likely the former since I’m guessing the cost of their levelling will be hard to recoup. My crafting professions lie in neglect as I wait for prices to drop. Whatever raw materials I get now, I would rather sell at a premium to those powerlevellers.

Then comes my favorite activity in the expansion, making gold! I’ve been keeping an eye on the Dollar Signsauction house for mispriced raw materials. Since many people are busy levelling, the supply of raw materials is low. On the other hand, demand for most old world items have dropped dramatically as well. Primals for example are now going for 5g or less from 10-15g right before the expac. As there are fewer traders in the market and people are unsure of the new equilibrium prices, there is room for arbitrage. Your mileage may vary depending on your server but some of the things that are “hot” and has potential will be:

  1. Quest items i.e overcharged capacitator
  2. Things for Profession Skillups i.e leathers, gems, ores, cloth
  3. Things that help you level faster i.e health pots, elixirs, buff food

 Things in other categories such as non-combat pets have taken a back seat though this will surely make a comeback in the coming months once the levelling phase is over. A few factors will pull prices in different directions so I’m not sure how much prices will change at the moment but I’m wary of holding too much inventory of the wotlk items because prices will surely fall as more players hit the level cap and start farming for gold. This will be partly mitigated by inflation as dailies flood the servers with gold.  Unless blizzard puts in more effective gold sinks to siphon off the excess cash.

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