(She Says) Baby Blizzard Bear

 Yesterday, Blizzard had an achievement and baby bear giveaway for logging on during the 4th year anniversary of WoW. baby-blizzard-bearImagin,e 11 million baby bears bound up in mail packages and delivered to each player’s mailbox. Good thing we picked them out quickly and gave them lots of fresh air and exercise (if running along a ground mount on a leash counts. Look at those furry legs go!). If Blizzard knows nothing else, they at least know that no one can resist such a warm bundle of cuteness!

I’m still trying to get my skunk from collecting 50 pets. Previously in BC, there were only around 45 pets you can get from vendors and quests. For the last 5, unless you got some from the non-recurring events like Collector’s Edition etc, you’d have to farm for them. Think those pesky firefly, whelpling and oozlings. I still haven’t given up on the crocodile pet though. I have one on the druid but it’s my shaman that is collecting pets now =_= Too bad pets are not account bound instead. 

In wotlk,  I’m also  working my ass for the walruses to earn from them the Pengu pet! Though at the rate they are collecting those wolvar pups from questing players, I won’t be surprised if they gave those out as extras eventually. Hmmm…where do you think they got those penguins in the first place??? mmmmmkkkay…. These walruses may be more sinister than their benign appearance led on. But shush, anything for my little Pengu.


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