WotLK so far… Borean > Howling

It’s been about 10 days since the expansion was launched, but it seems much longer… There’s been a lot of stuff to do, hence the lack of posting 🙂


We’ve gone ahead with our plan to level my feral druid and her elemental shaman first, and it’s been really fun. The quests in the expansion are generally much more fun, and they are spaced conveniently in nice hubs too. The gear was not great initially and mostly went to either off-sets or vendored. The exception would be trinkets, there seem to be many more trinkets that do sort of cool stuff and I can’t resist keeping them all… in case, you know, I need them some day (uh oh… someone’s gonna clean up my bags again).

So far we’ve hit 75, kinda behind a lot of the people in our guild but we’ve been playing at a comfortable pace. We started initially in Howling Fjord, but somehow migrated over to Borean Tundra after being summoned there to do the Nexus. In my opinion, Borean Tundra is easier to level in than Howling Fjord, for the following reasons:

1) The ship just goes from Stormwind straight to Valiance Keep, without going on a sightseeing trip through the ravine like the one in Howling Fjord. Much faster. Especially annoying since we still hearthed to Shattrah since we hadn’t gotten to Dalaran yet.

2) Borean Tundra is spread out on flat ground, making it much easier to travel around. Howling Fjord is… well… a fjord. The howls are probably howls of frustration when you realise that you have to take that damn dwarfplane from the town all the way down the ravine and up again just to get to the dwarf encampment that overlooks the town on the cliff. And then you realise there’s a quest up there that asks you to get something from… the town.

3) There seem to be more flight paths and inns in Borean Tundra, that all lead naturally to each other. Makes it very easy to get to a mailbox or vendor to clean out stuff (as a skinner, I really really really fill up fast. I can’t resist skinning everything I run past…) Westgarde Keep in Howling Fjord is really kinda out of the way and makes you run there with no good reason besides “here’s a quest, go run halfway across the map and turn it in there”.

4) Much better dailies in Borean Tundra. There’s a quest to bring you to the lovable walruses (I don’t even know what the plural of walrus is… walruss? walri?) fairly early on, and it’s in a convenient location near a few inns/flight points. This makes it easy to do it every day while levelling. There’s also another daily near the Nexus (might be Wyrmrest rep, not sure) that’s fairly quick and easy to do. In comparison, the walrus daily in Howling Fjord requires going down to Kamagua on the other side of the map (which you need to take a lift down to… ) and is not as simple to do as it requires you to first get a bunch of tasty reef fish from schools that can be far out in the ocean, and then lure a seal to another. The zeppelin bombing daily from Westgarde Keep is, quite frankly, one of the dumbest dailies ever. You’d probably do it once just for fun but I will never ever do it again, its a complete waste of time.

So as it stands now, we’ve completed every quest in Borean Tundra and have moved on to Dragonblight, where we just hit 75 last night. Yannie got her Lava Burst spell, and Noork got Savage Roar but we haven’t had time to play with those yet. We’ve also been trying to do the cooking dailies every day to get a head start on collecting cooking awards and spices.

While my wife is tired or doing other things, I’ve also been levelling my pally. He’s recently hit 73 and is in Borean Tundra as well. Despite being “nerfed” ret pallies are still stupidly overpowered, 3 button presses in 4.5 seconds pretty much blows apart any mob. With Gift of the Naaru and Lifeblood, he pretty much never has to heal and he never runs out of mana. I just realised that I didn’t train Divine Plea until now, which gives him 25% of mana back every 1 minute. Geez. I don’t understand how people can complain about quitting because their ret pally was nerfed…

I’ve also been herbing insanely with my pally (there’s a lake in Borean Tundra where I went from 400 herbalism to 450 in about an hour while doing quests in the area) to give some herbs to Yannie for her to level up alchemy, and doing JC dailies and walrus dailies. So there’s lots of stuff to do, and we’ve only done about 2 zones worth of content.


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