WotLK so far… Instances

Since we’re playing a tank and healer combination, we’ve also been able to do instances as we level with some of our friends. So far, all the instances are pretty much completely brain-dead easy though they didn’t drop much good gear anyway.

I’m thinking this may be due to Blizzard tuning the fights for heroic difficulty. Despite what some people think, the difficulty of a boss fight isn’t just about adjusting how many hps he has or how much damage he deals. Some mechanics become completely irrelevant and the fight changes completely if you just totally overpower everything, hence the wave of people zerging into BT and Hyjal after the 3.0 patch. So if the fights are actually tuned for heroic, in normal you pretty much just kill everything because the bosses don’t even get to use their abilities. The typical boss fight becomes:

1) WTFpwn the boss

2) If the boss summons adds, WTFpwn the adds

3) Go back to 1)

I was actually intending to go into further detail on each specific instance, but then I realised that each boss strategy from Utgarde Keep up to Drak’tharon could be summed up by the above 🙂 and of course, don’t stand in “X”, whatever “X” is. Even my crappily geared feral tank (about 20k armor and 16k hps, which seems very low for a bear) can easily aoe tank everything with no fear of dying.

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