(She Says) 80 At Last! Heroic Antics

We had a short hiatus from WoW and went on a short holiday. When we came back to find most people have graduated to just heroics and beyond.  Not surprising since quite a number have already hit level 80 even before we left.  The moment we hit 77, we “unfroze” our flying mounts in a jiffy and  things really started to pick up then. It was just quest after quest after quest so much so that we actually still had rest all the way to level 80!!! (or did they change the max rest amount?)

I’m so amazed to see that there are people with a normal flying mount still. I mean, gee, the snowy gryphon sure is cute but how can one live with that slow flying speed? And Northrend is pretty big too so your flying speed really does matter.

After we reach level 80, it was one heroic after another. His druid is still wearing predominantly TBC gear so can I say, squish? But honestly thirked-pin-cushion-tofuough even with his level of gear (he has earned himself the reputation of tofu bear), we still manage to clear through heroic Voilet Hold, Drak’tharon Keep and Utgarde Keep. Of course, those are probably the easiest of the heroics to begin with.

To gear him with some proper tankie stuff, we went on a frenzy leveling up leatherworking and engineering… only to find after all the leveling that there was a bug with feral druids not being able to train the recipe for  Weakness Spectralizers and then when we could make his epic shoulders, we found that we were short of one Arctic Fur and the auction house only had exorbitant ones at double the normal price. It was really one of those “Doh!” days. But at least now the tofu is clothed with tofu skin 🙂

Edit: In patch 3.08, weakness spectralizers has been reported on the forum that it is trainable in PTR. Similarly, holy pallies will finally get healing goggles

Unbreakable Healing Goggles

1821 Armor
55 Stamina, 60 Intellect
1 meta socket, 1 yellow socket
87 spell power, 73 crit rating

[credit: wowinsider.com]

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