More on Lake Wintergrasp

Since our first foray there, we took part in Lake Wintergrasp a second time, but this time from the perspective of the defender since Alliance was controlling it. Good fun again, and we ended up winning.

Horde was outnumbered as usual, so again they had crazy tenacity buffs stacked up. This rogue would basically one-shot my feral druid with 22k hp from stealth before I can even press barkskin. Tenacity does seem a tad bit overpowered now, as a friend of ours noticed horde players had 50k hp. However, I think this only seems to be the case because Alliance as usual sucks giant balls at cooperating. Tenacity is balanced against the side with superior numbers working together to defeat the numerically inferior but stronger Horde. If alliance keeps streaming in 1 by 1 to engage the hordies in honorable combat, they will get squished.

This was what happened when the battle started. As the defender, you start out inside the keep. We quickly formed up a raid and started wandering around looking for the horde. Someone found them at the western siege workshop, I believe there were only 4 of them. A tauren resto druid, an undead rogue, an orc hunter, and a level 66 deathknight. All the alliance, including myself, who went there to try to take the workshop from them got slaughtered because we kept trickling in after rezzing.

Eventually, they made a couple of catapults and started pelting the western wall of the keep. This is where the battle turned as the alliance zerg naturally got concentrated near the west wall and we could use the turrets to do some damage to them while being safe from getting insta-gibbed. My wife then managed to get 2 honorable kills by staying at range, which gave her Rank 1 and access to siege weapons.

The trick is that you need Rank 1 to build siege weapons, but you don’t need any rank to ride them. So she started churning out catapults at our siege workshop inside the keep, riding them out a few steps into the courtyard, and leaving them there for other players to take control. Since the siege weapons do the same damage regardless of the level of the people controlling them, this was a huge boost for the alliance side which had many participants in their low 70s which would otherwise only contribute to an even bigger tenacity buff for the level 80 horde.

So with this stream of catapults coming out, we managed to start a wave of assaults on the western siege workshop. At one point there must have been at least 6 catapults chasing the level 80 druid around constantly pelting him with fireballs and spewing flames at him. It took a few minutes but he finally ran out of mana (after having innervated back an entire mana bar) and died.

From then on it was mostly a rout as the horde couldn’t compete with 13 alliance tanks zerging all over the place and eventually lost most of their towers and graveyards. They seemed to give up about 10 mins before the time limit, and the keep was never in danger of falling.

Some tips for those who are wondering what’s going on:

1) The siege weapons are key. As mentioned, they allow low level players to contribute and don’t die as fast to a tenacity buffed foe.

2) Thus, if your opponent is badly outnumbered DO NOT attempt to fight them one on one. Try to stay at range, CC them, wait for help. The aim is not to try to get killing blows, you must stay alive at all costs and get 2 honorable kills. This allows you to start building siege weapons.

3) Once you rank up, build as many as you can for your side. It is also worthwhile to get a rider instead of a tank for each player once you get rank 2, because the rider can control a cannon as well as cast all their normal spells. Like… purge! or roots! or hex! This really helps since the riders basically can’t be attacked and all forms of CC work perfectly fine on a 50k hp player.

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