(She Says) Level your Craft

gold-pile-scrooge-mcduck2After levelling up leatherworking the other day, I have to say that many powerlevelling guide for professions are pretty useless. Most of the time, they are just brainless lists of what takes the least mats and are guarenteed a skill-up (i.e orange recipe), without consideration for the value of the item created. I could easily have gone to wowhead and gotten the list myself.

Take engineering for example, one stage requires you to make 50+ saronite bombs which is really money down the drain, rather than make something from a yellow and green recipe that has a remote chance of recouping at least 80% of cost.

Or leatherworking, most guides recommend making frostscale stuff or Pack of Endless Pockets to skill up past 400. We chose the alternative of making lots of jormungar armor kits (available at 405) even when they are green. Jormungar leg armor could actually be sold at a small profit on the Auction House. I’m not sure if it’s because the guides are so popular which makes the items so unprofitable. Maybe it’s the sheer number of people who follow those advice that depressed profits. Then again, it doesn’t help that some people will make 10 Eviscerator bracers and sell them at 80% of mat cost. Maybe it’s the illusion that mats that they farmed are “free”. Or perhaps they are so cash strapped that they have to have the money NOW!!! Afterall, we are still holding a whole stack of jormungar leg armor slowly being put in the market.

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