Update on WoW and guild thoughts

So as Yannie mentioned we’ve finally got our mains (my feral druid and her resto/elemental shaman) up to 80 and started doing some heroics. My gear is really crappy, though it has improved by leaps and bounds since then with some lucky drops and crafted gear.

I got the awesome feral staff from Heroic Utgarde Keep on our first run, and I also got some leather wrists there which are supposed to be fairly good. It actually wasn’t that much more difficult than in normal except that the trash packs actually hit hard… might be because we did it in normal with 2 noob enhancement shamans *cough jellymon cough* with 50 dps weapons…

Also did a normal CoT: Strat with a pug. With the dumbest moonkin ever. He would run into packs of mobs and spam starfall + hurricane. Then aggro 3 elites. Then die and say “you have to pick them up faster”. I was like… it’s my first time in the instance, I have 0 rage, do you really have to pull? Why not just let me aggro them and you can aoe to your hearts content… “But I have shadowmeld!” /facepalm. He also insisted on using typhoon everytime it was up and throwing my nice pack of mobs all over the place, especially casters. I’d group them up nicely so I catch the caster mob in my swipe, and BOOM he’d blow them away and the melee mobs run to me leaving the caster at the back shooting him. It got to the point the death knight in the group started asking him to stop using it, but of course he started arguing about how he’s “only using it situationally”. I just whispered the death knight and told him I’m fine with it, the only person who’s dying is the dumbkin anyway. Oh well in the end I got my gloves from the quest, which are the best tanking gloves in the game, even including epics.

I think i have slightly less than 24k hp now and 27k armor, so much better but there’s still stuff to get in Heroics such as the ring from Drak’tharon, essence of gossamer from Azjol Nerub and some head and back from Violet Hold. Also coming up to revered Kirin Tor for my legs. Already crafted trollwoven shoulders and belt so I’m set for those.

One thing that really hit me last night was that with the easy accessibility of gear, I really have no desire to raid 25-mans or even 10-mans with our guild. It felt like a chore to log on and have them keep bugging us to help them raid. I’d rather work on my professions, or level my alts, or complete quests, or do heroics or even normal 5 mans for rep than raid with them. I used to raid for the challenging and interesting fights and to see stuff. Now we can see stuff in any random 10-man and there is absolutely no challenge, so I’d rather just do 10-mans or instances with friends. I don’t think I would be able to take wiping in raids, especially as easy as they are now, due to dumbasses who can’t even avoid simple stuff. Looking at the raid loot just makes me feel “uh huh its a purple, it has a lot of stats” but there’s nothing that I feel is really great. So what if it has 20 more stam and 12 more agi, I’m not intending to main-tank 25-man Malygos.

I’ve always been quite an altoholic so the ease with which I can gear them up really makes me look forward to playing them. In classic wow and early TBC we always ran into this problem in that the alts were impossible to gear. With welfare bg and arena gear they actually started getting epics. In WotLK, they can get pretty amazing gear just from simple daily quest rep and crafted stuff (and we have 1 of each profession, just started inscription yesterday night).

So I’m quite strongly considering just moving all our characters to our own banking guild (easier to access meat and gems for dailies!) and just playing with friends, or finishing up quests, or doing some dailies, or levelling another alt (this one is me) or making GIGANTIC BAGS OF MONEY (this one is my wife, 85k even after crafting all my leathery goodness…).

Hmm… will have to think on this more.

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