A bit of Naxx-25: Gothik and 4-horsemen

Despite deciding not to raid, I was eventually pestered into joining the rest of the guild in Naxx-25 last night. They were short of people and I agreed to help them for an hour so that they could get started until more people logged on.

Needless to say I ended up in there until 12:15 when I told them I really had to go. We managed to kill Gothik and had some ok tries at 4-horsemen, but it basically reinforced my desire not to raid.

Firstly, it took up too much time which could have been spent in many other ways. You don’t get any rep from raids, so even that benefit of clearing trash is gone. I would rather have done another heroic, or done some of the dailies which I keep putting off. Also, my wife didn’t join the raid as she had other things to do like study, so it was even more annoying for me as the main reason I play is to play with her. I couldn’t even leave halfway to play with her when she came to take a break.

Secondly, it reinforced the idea that there really isn’t much challenge to raiding now. We basically zerged down gothik after wiping once or twice, and that was after playing like noobs. Some background to the fight is that there are 2 sides, you have to kill some waves of trash on the “live” side, which then respawn as undead mobs on the “dead” side. Some of the “live” mobs respawn as 2 undead mobs on the “dead” side, hence undead side can get overwhelmed if the live group kills them too fast. The raid leaders said at the start “don’t kill riders and death knights too fast”. Once the waves began, dps on the live side happily nuked everything with abandon irrespective of what it was. There would be like 5 initiates that are half dead walking around, but every single dps would be nuking the hell out of 2 riders so that they died within 2 seconds of each other. I was already purposefully ignoring all death knights or riders unless there were no other mobs around, but I guess brains were in short supply in the rest of the dps.

Anyway we zerged him down in the end even with our pathetic dps and he dropped some stuff. One of which was the best bear cloak, but I had just made my LW Durable Nerubhide Cape that very morning so I didn’t want to take it unless no one else did. It went to a reluctant prot pally eventually so while I could have saved about 400g, it wasn’t a big deal.

Next up was 4-horsemen after some brainless trash that was gathered up and aoe’d down. This was again an exercise in frustration and self-control. I think it’s part of my character that if I’m going to do something, I can’t help but try to do it well. Hence why I decided to stop raiding in the first place, because I can’t let myself just sit back and brainlessly do stupid things just because that’s the current strat.

Initially they split the groups up to dps the 2 melee horsemen, but somehow they liked having groups that were a mix of range and dps classes. For no apparent reason. So I had to tell them, please just put all the melee classes on the melee horsemen since we have to move with the tanks (one of the melee horsemen does a anubisath meteor that has its damage shared so everyone has to stack up on the tanks).

After a while they then got it into their heads that they needed to burst dps and pop heroism at the start so they could kill 1 horseman before the tank swap. To me, its very obvious that the fight is not a dps fight, the damage is not severe enough to tax the healers so that they run out of mana and there is no significant enrage timer to hit. We can swap tanks 10 times and slowly tickle the bosses to death without any worries. But due to this zerg dps mentality, they stacked all dps up to kill the boss with meteor first. What they failed to realise was this:

1) Even popping heroism and all cds, we barely got the boss down to ~5%. This is with 2 hunters meleeing because “all dps must be on orange horseman” and he does that meteor. Even if we manage to kill him within 1 swap, there is no more heroism/cds to use on the 2nd melee horseman. Which means after dpsing the 2nd boss for a while, EVERY SINGLE DPS must then run away and /dance party in a corner because we will be unable to kill him within 1 tank swap and we need to /afk while waiting for the aura to wear off. This seems quite retarded to me… why not just do the swap nice and easy, kill 1 to 50%, do a good swap, kill the other to 50%, swap back, finish the job on 1, move to the other and finish him? It’s not a dps race, it’s about switching their positions well.

2) This is actually probably the reason why we wiped a few times. By stacking all dps on orange horseman to try to kill him fast, we were left with maybe 3-4 people tanking purple horseman. This is not an issue in the first phase because purple horseman doesn’t seem to do anything at all worth noting. However… when we do not succeed in killing orange horseman and the debuff starts stacking too high, he is then switched over to the group that was previously tanking purple horseman. Yes, the 3-4 person group. With a boss that casts a meteor that splits damage among people it hits. You can probably guess why that tank and his healer just dropped dead a few times. Meteor divided by 15 = ok. Meteor divided by 3 = wtfsquish.

I don’t know if its just that other people are just blissfully unaware, but to me it’s quite frustrating to see such things happening without speaking up. And by speaking up, I will start to assume more and more responsibility for the raid, which is what I was doing previously and making me very annoyed every night. So yeah, pretty much not a very entertaining evening. I’m going to be more definite in refusing next time even if they plead with me.

2 thoughts on “A bit of Naxx-25: Gothik and 4-horsemen

  1. I can understand the zerging part because the swap, if not done properly, will result in getting probably another 2 more marks (of the same horseman). Another thing to note that both melee horsemen’s debuff does affect each other, unlike the other two – shadow and holy, which is why you can switch back and forth the 2 while you have to wait for debuff to go away for melee

    Btw, only the orange one does meteor, baron doesn’t.. so no need to stack up for baron :p

  2. Yah the point I’m making is that yes the zerg works… if you have enough dps to down each boss in 1 swap. Then it becomes a simple tank and spank of
    a) zerg orange
    b) zerg purple
    c) zerg caster boss 1
    d) zerg caster boss 2

    since their aura will never stack up high enough to be a problem. But it’s not necessary if only people have brains, unfortunately they don’t so they have to rely on flasking and dps. Then they will go away thinking “wow we have a great strat, we just need to bring people with high dps”.

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