(She Says) Pre-Raid Resto Shaman Gear (Part II of II)

shaman_iconContinuing with Part I

11. Rings
Band of Enchanted Growth – Heroic Oculus (Urom)
Titanium Spellshock Ring – JC BOE. The price is shocking all right.
Signet of the Kirin Tor – Sold by vendor in Dalaran. 8500g before discount. Also serves as a second hearth.
Signet of Hopeful Light – Argent Crusade Exalted
Band of Guile – Heroic Strat
Annhylde’s Ring – Heroic Utgarde Keep (Ingvar)
Newt Eye Ring – Icecrown group quest

12. Trinkets
Spark of Life – Heroic Halls of Stone
The Egg of Mortal Essence – 40 Badge of Heroism. The grown up version of Scarab of Infinite Cycle
Soul Preserver – Normal Strat

13. Weapon
Titansteel Guardian – Blacksmithing BOE
War Mace of Unrequited Love – Heroic Nexus
Gavel of the Brewing Storm – Wrymrest Revered

14. Shield/ Offhand
Zom’s Crackling Bulwark – BOE World Drop
Frostridge Orb – BOE World Drop
Facade Shield of Glyphs – Heroic Azjol Nerub (Krikthir)

15. Relic
Totem of the Bay – 30 Venture coins. Easy to get.
Totem of Forest Growth – 15 Emblem of Heroism. Useful only if you are having mana problems.

For the badge of heroisms, I would probably saving them for the t7 chest, Heroes’ Earthshatter Tunic, since there are few replacements.

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