Leveling Alchemy (375-450)

This post is specially for Psin. Most of the elixirs and pots will not make money (maybe if you are potion/ elixir spec), but can be easily sold at the AH to recoup cost.

Skill Item Mats Comments
375-385 Pygmy Oil (Pygmy Suckerfish x1) *20 Make this till grey. It’s needed for flasks. You make 1-2 each time.
386-395 Elixir of Mighty Strength (Tiger Lily x2, Imbued Vial) *15
396 Transmute Titanium Bar (Cobalt bar x2, Saronite Bar x8, Crystallized Life x2) In patch 3.08, this will be 20 hour cd instead of 4 days.
397-405 Elixir of Mighty Agilty (Goldclover x2, Adder’s Tongue x2, Imbued Vial) *15
406 Alchemy stone of your choice
407-410 Runic Healing Potion (Goldclover x1, Icethorn x2, Imbued vial)*3
411 Northrend Alchemy Research (Goldclover x12, Adder’s Tongue x12, Talandra’s Rose x4, Tiger Lily x4, Enchanted vial x4)
412-425 Runic Mana Potion (Goldclover x1, Lichbloom x2, Imbued vial) * 20 Recipe turns green at 422. Alternative is to use recipe discovered with northrend research.
426-430 Earthsiege Diamond (Dark Jade x1, Huge Citrine x1, Eternal Fire x1) *5 No cooldown on this trasmute.
431-435 Skyflare Diamond (Bloodstone x1, Chalcedony x1, Eternal Air x1) *5 No cooldown on this trasmute.
436-450 Flask of Pure Mojo/ Endless Rage/ Stoneblood/ Frostwyrm

Shopping List (excluding  alchemy stone and Flasks)

  • Pgymy Suckerfish x20
  • Tiger Lily x34
  • Cobalt Bar x2
  • Saronite Bar x8
  • Crystallized Life x2
  • Goldclover x65
  • Adder’s Tongue x42
  • Icethorn x6
  • Talandra’s Rose x4
  • Dark Jade x5
  • Chalcedony x5
  • Bloodstone x5
  • Huge Citrine x5
  • Eternal Fire x5
  • Eternal Air x5

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