With a little helper from my friends

There’s a achievement this Winter’s Veil for getting 50 honorable kills while in a gnome christmas elf disguise. There’s a Wintertron machine that transforms you in every capital city (including Dalaran), but the disguise disappears after death.

It also disappears when you shapeshift… Which means this was really painful to do as a feral druid. EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

The plan was that I’d wear the gnome disguise and equip my healing off-set (it’s actually quite respectable since I pick up all the leather healing gear crap that keeps dropping in heroics…) and try to hang back and heal. However… where should I go to get 50 kills?

Eventually decided that since we have to pvp, might as well try out Strand of the Ancients. Quite fun, but I wasn’t very good at hanging back >.< I kept trying to heal other players and obviously a cute gnome with glowing green hands plonking big slow-ass 3.5s healing touches on people gets noticed really quickly. And then I die because I can’t shift to bear when I get attacked (well I did the first time… then I realised I lost the disguise doh) and I have none of the tools resto druids have since I’m feral (I believe a non-resto druid is one of the worst healers out of the hybrids since unlike the other hybrids, we lose our main healing tools without talent points). So it was quite slow going, often I’d only get 1 honorable kill per match…

Then I tried AV, thinking “ahha! best place to hang back and heal people without getting shot at by cannons!” Except that I pretty much didn’t see a single horde player since the two sides just zerged past each other. After a bit on offense I decided to try riding back to defense to get more kills, but I bumped into a 5-boxing shaman near Stonehearth GY who promptly hit me with 5x flame shocks and 5x lightning bolts. There goes my gnome disguise…

Where to next? Wintergrasp! Originally I thought this would be a bad idea since our earlier forays there saw very few horde players. However, it seems like activity in Wintergrasp has actually picked up since then. It might be that many more people are now 80 and thus are starting to peek into other activities besides levelling.

This turned out to be the best way to get the achievement done. The key is to ride in the siege vehicles for safety. Wintergrasp tends to be very much more chaotic, so you don’t get instantly killed when your vehicle is destroyed. Also, it’s fairly easy to get many kills near the end of the battle when you’re zerging the doors/protecting from the zerg by simply stationing your siege vehicle at the side and shooting at the huge scrum of players. There’s also a daily for getting 20 horde kills in Wintergrasp, so might as well do both 🙂

The downside is that if you fail to get 50 kills, you have to wait around 2.5 hours for the next Wintergrasp so it might be best to do a combination of Wintergrasp and Strand of the Ancients to finish the achievement. Even though it would be easier for my other characters, I don’t think I will be trying to get it for them. Too time-consuming…


One thought on “With a little helper from my friends

  1. The other thing is, in wintergrasp, it’s even easier if you are defending. If you die and drop your disguise, you can always go back get another gnomne disguise and pop back in again!

    Or someone could learn my art of stealth – finding little obscure corners to heal! Or even better sit behind a demolisher and heal to oblivion!

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