Pockie the Pally: Retnoob, Healbot or Consecratelol

Despite the fact that I post as Pockie, my “main” is actually my feral druid. Pockie has been idling around, doing the Jewelcrafting dailies everyday and other assorted Wyrmrest and Kaluak dailies occasionally. I also played him on and off when my wife wasn’t playing.

Amazingly, he is now 79 >.< He went through a similar questing route that our mains did, doing Borean Tundra followed by Dragonblight and Sholazar Basin, where he hit 77 and finally was able to fly again. After finishing up Howling Fjord and Sholazar Basin, he did some Argent Crusade quests in Icecrown and Zuldrak and is now about 5 bars from 80. The big question now is what he’s going to do once he hits 80.

He’s been levelling as Retribution, which frankly speaking is overpowered and just needs me to press random buttons. Occasionally I actually have to use Divine Plea to get some mana back 😛

Ret is very strong now, despite the crying over the “nerfs”. Most of the ret pallies I’ve grouped with do pretty strong dps even without amazing gear, compared to some sub-1k dps mages and warlocks. I can easily craft myself a Titansteel Destroyer (once my wife’s warrior actually gets to levelling her Blacksmithing…) and buy any other good BoE pieces.

The only problem is that according to the stat weightings on Elitist Jerks, I’m supposed to be a Huntardin >.< Apparently strength is weighted highest (no surprise since 1 str = 2 ap = spellpower for judgements), but it’s followed by agi and ap weighted equally, except that agility provides crit rating. So the gear list ends up being full of items with AP, agi and crit… in other words, hunter mail and leather dps pieces…

Of course I’m not going to take mail and leather over druids, rogues, hunters and shamans. But I’m a bit reluctant to take them in any case since I would actually like to solo a bit and losing half my health bar to kill 1 mob would not be nice. Mail is maybe ok, going down to leather is a bit extreme… Hmm.

My original intention was to spec holy and heal. This was the whole reason this pally was originally levelled. Similar to my druid, I chose a pally as my healer because they were one of the easiest healers to play (can’t go much wrong with only 2 buttons, small heal or big heal hmmmm which one should I press…).

However, my experiences running heroics lately have started making me reconsider whether I want to heal as a pally in WotLK. I originally thought that pally healers should be quite strong now due to 15% haste after judging, some nice aoe heals on holy light, and beacon of light helping heal the tank. But the new holy pally seems to have a ton of things to do, and most instances seem to have quite high amounts of aoe damage being spread around. Even Yannie has problems on some fights as even the awesomeness of chain heal can’t keep up if she has to move or do other things. I can’t imagine doing heroic Violet Hold and meeting the voidwalker boss… and being a holy pally that has to kill adds. /cry in a corner

In raids, a holy pally should be a bit better as they can then play to their strengths and leave other classes to deal with the aoe damage. Unfortunately, prior to the CoH and Wild Growth nerfs there simply isn’t much for a holy pally to heal. Due to insane mana regen, I don’t even know why druids and priests have any other button on their bar. A priest topped healing by far on 25-man Obsidian Sanctum the other day and all he did was spam CoH 80% of the time. He probably pressed the wrong button for the other 20%. The holy pallies had less than half his healing, I think one of them went to take a ninja-dump halfway through and no one even noticed.

The good thing is that a holy pally should find it easier to get groups compared to Just-Another-DPS, but the strange thing about our server is that we do regularly see many healers LFG for instances. They may suck, but they are still healers… or maybe that’s why they are still looking for groups.

I’ve been keeping random plate tanking gear from quests if there are no better ret or holy pieces. I’ve never tanked as prot, and only specced prot for a couple weeks when I was aoe-grinding for Consortium reputation.

Even though tanks are in demand, I’m quite hesitant to go prot because I already have a druid tank who is fairly decently geared. No real reason for me to gear up yet another tanking character even if prot supposedly is quite strong now. Besides, if I’m tanking I prefer to have Yannie healing me rather than some noob CoH-spamming priest.

Right now I’m leaning towards staying as ret, even if getting groups may be harder. I may not have that much time to do instances anyway since I basically play him only when my wife isn’t playing (or is playing some other character like her cute little warlock). With the trend towards no cc and brain-dead dps in WotLK heroics, being a healer sounds like too much pain for too little gain given that there is actually a fairly good amount of healing plate that is craftable or through rep, so why should I suffer through healing 4 noobs for gear >.< Hopefully I can get a few quick groups here and there and just be a less-brainless dps, if not I’ll continue finishing up the many quests which I skipped and getting some rep.

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