Night out in Naxx-10

Whew, haven’t posted in quite a while due to the Chinese New Year holidays. We only got back from visiting relatives on Monday night and since then have been busy at work catching up on stuff, especially since I will be away for two weeks starting next Monday.

Wednesday seems to be a more active night for our guild and enough people were on for us to get a 10-man group together. VoA was out, so we headed over to do OS. We had 3 healers this time (2 shamans and a pally, we still have no holy priests/resto druids >.<) and things seemed to go much better. OS was quite uneventful even though it was the first time for some people, except that the stacking spirit trinket was rolled on by the holy pally and the other resto shaman… Guess they didn’t realise that spirit is of absolutely zero benefit to their class and equipping it would be equivalent to not wearing a trinket ūüôā It was fine since no one else wanted it anyway but still it was funny.

After OS, it was still relatively early so it was suggested that we try out Naxx-10. Only 1 person in the group had ever done it before, and it took a while for people to figure out Naxx was that floating thing in the sky above wintergarde keep and the summoning stone was at the bottom of the citadel instead of the top. Since we were NaxxNoobs, it was decided that we would try spider wing first.

First we had to find out which was spider wing ūüėõ but we managed to make the connection between the name and the swarms of spiders skittering around the first room so that went ok. The trash pulls throughout the wing consisted of just aoe-ing everything so there wasn’t really anything to note. Pretty quickly we found ourselves looking at the first boss, Anub’rekhan.


He mainly has 2 abilities to take note of, summoning a crypt guard add and casting carrion swarm which was a 30 yard stacking aoe dot. I was on add duty, and the warrior main tank was supposed to kite Anub’rekhan along the outer perimeter of the room to keep his aoe away from us. DPS just had to keep away and kill the adds (and the little scarab beetles form the corpses) as they spawned.

First two tries didn’t go so well due to confusion about the kiting and falling into the slime, and people eating carrion swarm and healers getting silenced. We then read that on 10-man, the carrion swarm can actually be healed through fairly easily, plus we had 3 healers. So the next attempt we just tanked and spanked him at the doorway, with me picking up adds as they spawned at the other end of the room. Much easier and he easily went down with no problems at all.


After aoeing our way through a couple more rooms of spiders and random necrodoodies, we faced off against Grand Widow Faerlina. She stands on a platform with 4 buddies next to her. She only does 1 thing of note, and that is a periodic enrage. On heroic, one of her worshippers needs to be mind-controlled and used to dispel her enrage (maybe by giving a soothing back massage?). In the 10-man, we just needed to kill one of them near her to tranquilise her (good thing since we seem to have no priests… at all.)

The initial plan was the warrior would tank the boss on the right side and I’d tank and dps the worshippers on the left (they are ranged so they are a bit hard to move) and he would drag Faerlina over when she enraged and we would kill a worshipper. First try, not so good since the boss really hits hard and the warrior died before we could finish off the worshipper.

We then realised that Faerlina and her buddies don’t really do anything. So we just tanked them together to save time and we managed to dispel the first enrage in time. The problem was after that the adds kept slowly dying to some random aoe damage (could be from the ret pally’s divine storm), but it wasn’t an issue since each add kill pushed back her next enrage for 30 seconds. She never enraged after the first one and we killed her easily even with our noobie dps.


Trash, blah blah, swipe swipe swipe swipe… Ok last boss. We really completely screwed this fight up and still walked away with a win. Her main abilities are a web wrap on a random player which will fling them to the back wall and must be destroyed by ranged dps, a aoe stun that can’t be avoided, and waves of little annoying spider babies. She also enrages at 35% and starts hitting like a truck. Oh and a poison spray that reduces healing on target by 90%.

First wipe was epic fail because after all the explanations, we didn’t realise that the room got sealed off after the fight began and half the raid was left outside. Second try was really chaotic and dps couldn’t figure out where the web wrapped people were fast enough. Third try was better, and we slowly whittled her down. As predicted, the warrior tank died during a aoe stun after she enraged and I taunted her and took over. I had to pop trinkets and cooldowns and took her down to about 2%, where I died too during a stun. Amazingly she still missed me a couple of times when I was wrapped up in a web. Fortunately dps managed to zerg down her last 27k of hp and we won.

In retrospect, I realised that the fight could be done in a much better fashion by positioning all dps and healers at the back left wall since the web wraps always get flung there. The main tank should pull Maexxna to the left wall and face her to the wall since her poison spray is a frontal cone. The OT should just stand in a clump with all the ranged dps and healers and wait for the wave of spider adds, which will naturally head to the healers. That would make it much more controlled.

    Arachnid Quarter: Complete!

With that kill, we all got the achievement for clearing the spider wing, taking about 1.5 hours in total with the wipes and random people getting lost. Didn’t get any loot (though yannie got some healing legs from Faerlina) but it was great fun to play with some friends without dumb drama. We’ll probably try to continue trying some other quarters and hopefully start doing Naxx-10 a bit more regularly.


Improving Damage per Second

With the expansion, tanking and healing have been made relatively easy. No tank has any problem whatsoever with threat, and AoE tanking abilities abound such that tanks aren’t frantically switching targets to keep sunders on every mob just to keep them off the healer, not to mention dps. Healers mostly have quite a few AoE healing tools and despite Blizzard’s stated aim to make mana actually something of a concern, people still tend to have almost unlimited mana in heroics and raids as long as there is a replenishment class around.

This puts the spotlight strongly on DPS classes now. The biggest cause of fail in heroics isn’t the tank or the healer (except for CoH spamming failures who are now probably whining about the nerf), but is often sub-par dps who are below tanks on damage.

Let’s look at what dps stands for… it’s Damage Per Second. A lot of dps players are afflicted with what I call the Big Number Syndrome: “WOW I CRIT FOR 12K I R LEET”. There is a massive focus among many players on the first part of that ratio, the Damage. This is why the first excuse given is gear i.e. not enough spellpower, attack power etc etc etc. Many people don’t realise that the second portion, DPS time, is by far the most important of the two.

Let’s examine a typical boss fight in a heroic. How long does it last? I would guess 2 minutes tops. That’s 120 seconds. What happens if you lose 2 seconds out of that? Maybe you find yourself silenced by Ingvar’s roar. Or a target dies and you take a while to re-select another. Or you’re watching some tv and just pressing frostbolt once in a while. 2 seconds may not sound like much, but in a 2-minute boss fight that’s already 1.7% less dps right off the bat. That is like giving up 1.7% hit rating on your gear. The relative benefit of dps time improves as your gear improves, and increases the shorter the fight gets.

The simplest way to increase your dps dramatically is to increase your dps time, not improve your raw damage. There are only 2 gear stats that do this… and this is hit rating (expertise is equivalent for dps) and haste. These are the only stats that directly affect the base damage of your abilities, by increasing the number of attacks that actually land. This is the reason why hit rating is the most efficient dps increaser on gear. Haste is still good, but less so, due to the amount that you have to stack to see a difference (benefits can be lost in lag, gaining 0.2 secs doesn’t necessarily mean you can cast 1 additional spell).

Some players claim that they are old and don’t have great reaction time. To be frank, I don’t have great reaction time either. But an intelligent player will come up with ways to overcome difficulties and increase the number of attacks they make.

1) Pay attention. This should be obvious, but it isn’t. If you stand in green fire and have to iceblock to get heals, you’re not doing damage. If you eat avoidable stuns, you’re not doing damage.

2) Get a castbar/swingtimer mod like Quartz. This mod basically tries to account for the transmission lag between your machine and the server, and can let you shave off a huge amount of casttime. E.g. your 2.5s shadow bolt actually takes something like 2.7-2.9s if you’re not staying in the US, Quartz will help you bring that down. Basically you can actually start casting another spell before your current spell looks like it ends and it will still go through.

3) For casters, be aware that you can change targets before a cast ends. Take advantage of your cast time, when you can’t do anything except stand there, to look around and select your next target. If a mob is almost dead, there’s no need to fire off a frostfire bolt and watch it fly gracefully to the target and drool in anticipation of BIG YELLOW NUMBERS. You can just start casting, look for your next target, click on it, and start casting your next spell the moment your previous spell ends and flies off to your previous target.

4) For melee, it’s worthwhile making macro’s for your main attacks that include the following as the first line: /startattack. This prevents those cases where the mob you are targetting dies and your character just stands around doing nothing since you haven’t selected the next target. Just spam your main attack and you will target and start auto-attacking the nearest mob. In this day of aoe tanking and no crowd control, there is no downside and no real need to follow the tank’s target. If a specific kill order is marked, you can always start attacking something else first until you find and target the next mob. It’s better than just standing there.

5) Take advantage of the fact that instants are… instant cast. Many instances now require some sort of movement during fights. When you are moving and not casting, you are doing 0 dps. Use that time to cast your instants so that you don’t have to do it when you are standing still, i.e. you can use that time to cast other spells. The best example I can think of is warlocks and life-tapping. Life-tap when you move, so that you can concentrate on dpsing when you’re standing still. Wasting 1.5 seconds lifetapping is 1.5 seconds not spent casting a nuke. Or if your ret pally’s Divine Plea is up, pop it while running so you don’t spend a gcd on it later while actually dpsing.

All these don’t require good reactions, and are simple things all dps should try to keep in mind. Getting a few extra attacks in here and there adds up very quickly and is a far bigger advantage than getting full epics and standing there doing nothing.

(She Says) A Run-Through of Obsidium Sanctum (10-man)

And here I was, about to post about my healing experience at Obsidium Sanctum and Pockie already beat me to it.  As he described it, we had some difficulties with a few wipes on an instance we were familiar with and have in fact pugged many times.

I’ve mentioned previously,¬†¬†when tanks drop dead, the immediate thoughts that come to mind are that it’s either the healer or the tank’s fault. But sometimes, it can also be a problem of DPS with poor situational awareness. Standing in big exploding circles, rain of fire, Sartharion’s lava waves can create big distractions for healers as they try to keep the DPS alive. Heals on DPS = less heals on tanks.¬†I’ve seen enough deaths in Archimonde to know that to be true.¬†

But back to OS, I’ve always thought that 10 man OS was harder than 25 man. Not because of the the boss¬†but the trash. The first trash pull consists of 4-5 dragons.¬†Collectively, their abilities include mortal strike (-50% healing), rain of fire (aoe 2k per tick) and some ball of fire thing that shoots lazer (~1k), the combination of which can be deadly to a tank. At the same time, it is also likely that healing is spread thin¬†on dps who enjoys a bath in the rain of fire. The other potentially fatal mistake is¬†to¬†pull all the mobs together for AOE when the¬†two tanks should really pull them apart. Aoeing may work if the group’s dps is high but in the case of our friends in the new guild, we probably should do it the safe way.

After another few trash packs, you will face the subbosses. They are fairly straightforward, dps boss, enter portal, kill adds, dps boss. For healers, one will need to stay outside the portal healing the MT while another enter the portal to heal the AOE damage inside. I was surprised by the amount of damage the maintank was taking on the first one (can’t remember the name, first one counterclock-wise from the door). Noork has about 28k hp but the damage was coming in very big jumps and in quick succession. Just a quick summary of my gear: I have close to 2.1k healing, 300 haste, 480 mp5 self-buffed.¬†Earthshield was up on the tank though no riptide.¬† There I was spamming healing¬†wave on the not so fat bear butt but he still dropped like a fly.¬†It was surprising to me as we didn’t seem to have this problem previously. Does the boss get a secret buff while everyone else gets in the portal? Or was it because¬†Noork was a druid tank? The subsequent subbosses were somehow not a problem. But that was also with a lot of overhealing on my part and we switched to a warrior tank.

Then came Sartharion himself. It’s a really easy fight once you get the hang of dancing around his lava waves. There¬†are two safezones, depending on which direction the lava waves are coming from. The main tank tanks him at the front safe zone. There is a big fat alert on your screen when he is about to cast lava waves, at which point you should look around to see which¬†safe zone it is. We had many many dps (and the other resto shaman) who repeatedly washed themselves in the lava. A very clean wash down to the bones, I’m sure. The number of adds that spawned seems to have increased as well. At this point, I was really starting to wonder if Blizzard quietly buffed the instance. At any rate, it ended ok on the second try but it was a somewhat draining experience. Then again, still marginally better than joining a pug with whiny healers who demand that you pay their repair bills when we wiped and somehow their shadowmeld was broken.

3.08 and Tanking confidence

So patch 3.08 finally arrived, along with a plethora of bugs including the disabling of Wintergrasp. Fortunately for Alliance on our server, this results in us permanently having the Wintergrasp buff ūüėõ

I finally managed to make my Weakness Spectralizers on my feral druid, they are a pretty good upgrade over my previous headgear for both cat and bear. Unfortunately, I’m going to gem and enchant for tanking since that’s my main purpose (/facerolling as ret is more fun than dpsing as cat) so it won’t end up as nice for cat dps as my previous headgear. The patch also saw the removal of armor from non-leather pieces getting the bearform multiplier, so I bid farewell to my ancient and abused Badge of Tenacity from countless Shartuul runs and am now wearing my Commendation of Kael’thas full-time. Also finally equipped Titanium Earthguard Ring which I had made a while ago since the quested armor ring I was wearing became much worse. However, Handwraps of Preserved History was nerfed so hard that even despite these upgrades I ended up with quite a bit less health than before, though I gained some armor as well.

Our guild managed to scrape together 10 people (surprisingly, we have TOO MANY shaman healers) to do OS. We zoned in… and wiped on the first group.

Honor’s Code wrote about his first VoA run where he got 1-shot by a trash mob, and the feelings of worry that he felt after that. I think I, and most other people that play tanks (and probably healers also), can relate to that. There’s a niggling feeling of “damn am I wearing cat gear?” or “did I forget to put on earthliving weapon?”. This feeling of worry got even worse later on when I was tanking one of the sub-bosses and just dropped dead during a portal phase while Yannie was spamming heals on me.

It wasn’t the first time we had done OS, so we were all very surprised. I’m not sure if the last patch buffed OS, but mobs seemed to be hitting much harder. I also realised that I no longer had the Protector of the Pack buff when I turned to bear form. I’m not sure if the recent changes (PoTP now gives flat damage reduction instead of depending on the number of players in the group) means there is no longer a visible buff. The other warrior tank in the group seemed to be taking massive damage as well, and our two shaman healers were hard pressed to keep everyone alive.

We also wiped a few times on Sartharion as people seemed to be getting hit by lava waves a lot and a ton of fire elementals were spawning (I read somewhere that they spawn when people get hit, but not too sure about this). However we eventually managed to get him down and nothing of interest dropped.

By this point in time I was suffering from what Honor’s called a crisis in confidence. I wasn’t sure if it was something I was doing that was causing the group to have such problems. Fortunately, VoA was easy as usual though the other resto shaman had a similar crisis in confidence during trash clearing since the warrior tank took huge damage after the +300% physical damage debuff was put on him. He was wondering why he couldn’t seem to keep the tank up :).

I had similar feelings after repeatedly wiping on the 3-pull before the first boss of heroic Azjol-Nerub with a pug group a few weeks ago. We had just completed some other heroic, and we thought the group was ok, even if a little low on dps. But we kept failing to even reach the 3rd group, and it was a constant nightmare to tank them due to having to kill the skirmisher fast while watching for the shadowcaster. It was really demoralising and I kept worrying what I was doing wrong and how I could improve.

Even though it was kind of a stressful feeling, I think every player does need to go through this crisis in confidence once in a while. I think as people we should never assume that what we are doing is perfect and blame failures on the group/Blizzard/your class. We need to fail once in a while so we can think about what happened. Sometimes tanking can be made exponentially harder by undisciplined DPS who AoE packs indiscriminately. Sometimes its really the tank’s mistake (like those times when a pack spawns in Violet Hold and I have 0 rage and forget to pop enrage and spam swipe wondering why they are running all over O.o). This stands out more for tanks and healers rather than dps since a tank or healer failing normally means a wipe, whereas most dps wouldn’t even know that they are below the tank in damage as long as bosses die.

But you can’t learn unless you realise you need to learn, hence such worrying is probably for a good cause. It did push me to finally spend the emblems to buy my T7 chest and gloves to compensate for my nerfed health >.<

Hit and expertise caps

There was some interesting discussion in guild chat the other day (we have left our raiding guild and joined another more casual Singaporean guild since we weren’t doing much raiding anyway). A friend who was playing his 80 death knight was asking about dual wielding for dps/tanking, and asking for advice. Amidst the discussion I brought up the problem of the miss rate of dual wielding along with the necessity of capping expertise.

To my surprise I realised that many people still are very confused about this and have no idea how it works. To be frank, while I knew the mechanics I had also not really paid much attention to the difference in ratings at level 80 since I wasn’t raiding. So I figured I might as well compile something here for my own reference as well.

Hit rating has been consolidated for both melee and spells. Hit basically affects your chance to see that dreaded “Miss” or “Resist” floating on top of a mob’s head. For melee classes, there is an additional complication that there is a different chance to miss depending on if you are dual wielding or not.

Melee hit : 32.79 rating = 1%
Spell hit: 26.23 rating = 1%

The base chance to miss varies depending on the level of the target (assuming that you have maxed out weapon skill for melee… levelling up skills in instances = veriterribad). Dual wielding also imposes an additional 19% miss rate. The following are the ratings you need to never miss for melee:

Target level Single weapon Dual wield Cap for
80 5% = 164 rating 24% = 787 rating PvP
82 6% = 197 rating 25% = 820 rating Heroics
83 8% = 263 rating 27% = 886 rating Raids

The hit rating required for dual wield classes looks astoundingly huge, but it’s not as important to reach the cap for them. All special attacks have at most a 8% miss rate so most dual wielding classes can aim for that as a minimum, all the rest only helps auto-attack damage.

Note that this may not be accurate for hunters, but hunters are boring so I don’t care >.<

Thankfully, spells are much simpler and don’t have any funky variations.

Target level Hit required Cap for
80 4% = 105 rating PvP
82 6% = 158 rating Heroics
83 17% = 446 rating Raids

Unfortunately, you might have noticed that casters get shafted when fighting mobs higher level than them. There is a whopping 17% chance to miss for mobs 3 levels higher, which is what raid bosses are. However, for heroic mobs which are 82, you only need 6%. This is why most people are dead wrong when they claim that the abysmal dps put out by their pugmates is because they don’t have hit rating on their gear. 6% miss doesn’t result in 1000 dps… or rather, it means they would do 1064 dps if they were hit capped, which isn’t much better.


Expertise is a new statistic Blizzard came up with during the latter part of TBC to replace weapon skill on gear. It basically reduces the chance for your enemy to dodge and parry your attacks. It is both a tanking and physical dps statistic. Guess this is how they are balanced vs the hit rating needed by spellcasters.

Expertise : 32.79 rating = -1% dodge and -1% parry

Most sources cite bosses having 6.5% dodge and 15% parry. Since mobs can’t parry attacks that come from behind, this means there are different caps for tanks and (non-retarded) dps, since dps attacks from behind and only needs to worry about the dodge portion.

Tanks 60 expertise = 492 rating Parries eliminated
DPS 26 expertise = 214 rating Dodge eliminated

Expertise for dps is almost exactly like hit, except it works on dodge instead of miss. It’s good to have, but in the end it is simply a dps-increasing stat similar to attack power, crit, and hit.

Expertise for tanks, however, is both a threat (dps) and survivability stat. Because parrying an attack causes the next attack to be hasted by roughly 40%, a hard-hitting boss parrying can result in a string of quick hits that catch healers unprepared.

This isn’t usually a problem for most tanks since one or two hasted hits isn’t a big deal and as such I would also consider expertise as a secondary tanking stat… unless you’re a dual-wielding death knight. Since DW DKs have so many fast auto-attacks and specials, not being expertise capped can result in the boss effectively being permanently “enraged” since there are many many opportunities for him to parry the numerous small attacks.

So the moral of the story for our DK guildie? Unless you have great gear, go 2H ūüôā It’s much simpler and you don’t have a spend a huge amount of your item budget on hit rating and expertise rating to dps or tank respectively. Factor in the -50% damage penalty on the off-hand weapon (which I don’t think DK’s have any way of negating) and the difference between 2H and 1H becomes even smaller.

The definition of a good player

Saw this post by Euripedes from CriticalQQ and I couldn’t agree more.

A good player doesn’t have amazing twitch skills or full heroic epics in every slot. He doesn’t need to do 3000 dps while turning 360 degrees jumping in mid-air.

A good player is simply someone who doesn’t make excuses and is willing to learn and improve, even if its only a game. Because the fun is in seeing yourself and your friends improve and tackle harder and harder challenges, so you can look back and feel pride in what you accomplished together.

Vashj, Kael, Archimonde… they all seemed impossible on the first pull. But that feeling of downing them, improving steadily until finally enough people “get” the fight… This is something that the lolcasual, who wants to go into raids with a random assortment of characters and /faceroll their way to epics, will never understand.

Heroic Halls of Lightning

Yannie tells me I’m always so grumpy, most of my posts are rantings about dumb people. Though she also somehow believes that I only sound mean and cranky, and I’m actually a nice person ūüôā

Anyway, after getting that bit about Tobold’s noobosity off my chest, I figured I’d write a bit about our jaunt through what is apparently one of the hardest heroics in WoW right now: Halls of Lightning.

At that time, the only instances we had not done before were HoL, HoS and Oculus. The reason for this is that they were known as some of the harder heroics, which is kinda to be expected since they are level 80 instances on normal. Since I was still tofu bear, we didn’t really feel comfortable tackling them until we had run through them on normal at least. Of course, the problem is no one does normal level 80 instances… and there was also very little loot we wanted.

However, it happened one fine day that HoL was the heroic daily and our warlock friend Psin wanted to do it to finish his Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement to be able to make Wispcloak. So we grouped up and started looking for 2 more dps.

Things didn’t start so good as we first picked up some ret pally with a name like Sirpwnsalot or something like that… bad sign already. As we were looking for our last dps member, he suddenly gave us the following tidbit:

retnoob: “guys I have some great news, I’m already saved to an instance with only Loken left, so we can just walk in and kill him and finish the daily nice and easy”
me: …
yannie: …
me: no thanks /kick

at least the moron told us before we zoned in, otherwise he’d really be in for a tongue lashing…

In any case we eventually hooked up with 2 others in our guild who were also looking to do the daily, our ex-main tank warrior who stopped raiding due to moving to the US to study and a mage. The mage… is an interesting player. His exploits could be the subject of multiple blog posts. All regarding what NOT to do. But I digress…

The group makeup meant I’d be along to dps in cat form, which I wasn’t too excited about since my dps wasn’t great with all tanking talents and not much attention having been paid to my cat gear. But I figured it should be fine.

We pulled up to the first boss without much difficulty (usual pull everything and aoe). Apparently you’re only supposed to engage him and his two buddies when he doesn’t have some sort of electrical charge, which I gather our tank did since he didn’t do anything worth noting. Tank, spank, bite ass… loot emblems. I think I got some epic leather dps wrists from him, so his death was not in vain.

The second boss was a big golem who summoned some small adds. He had an ability to make the corpse of the small adds explode, which did more damage the closer you were to them ala Gruul shatter. So we decided to go for the achievement of just killing the boss and ignoring the adds, which worked really easily. I don’t see why anyone would do it any other way.

The trash pulls to the third boss were quite interesting in that there’s a hallway that you have to move through slowly, that were filled with “statues”. At certain intervals, some of them would come alive and attack you, so if you raced through the hallway you’d aggro all of them and possibly get overwhelmed. Reminded me of some old movies with people hiding in suits of armor…

The third boss had some nice abilities. He would randomly toss an orb at someone, ala Void Reaver, that hit the ground where they were standing at the time of the cast and does some static charge damage. He also periodically despawned into some lightning spiders, which would chase after players (they look quite cute). But the spiders were easily dealt with just by running straight down the middle of the stairs, sidestepping them and then running straight back up just as the boss respawns. We actually wiped once here because our dear mage actually ran to god-knows-where during the spiders and came back with a pack of 6 elementals. The second try was easy-peasey.

Onwards to Loken! I was getting a bit nervous here, because Loken is the reason why HoL is supposed to be hard and we had 3 people in the party who had never done HoL before. He has apparently, in the 2 months since WotLK has been released, surpassed every other mob in the game in terms of player kills. (Previously, this title of deadliest mob in the game was held by the Defias Pillager, a caster mob standing outside Deadmines which had a tendency to aggro 5 million friends and could fireball low level players for half their lifebar.) Even the trash mobs started to hit harder and our tank almost died once or twice on the giant mobs.

Finally we stood in front of Loken. He has 2 main abilities, a very powerful but short ranged (20 yards) nova that he announces, and a lightning aura that does more damage the further away you are.

We decided to just move him along this stripe that leads from Loken’s throne to some round… thing in a foyer in front of him. The entire party would stand at his feet and dps/heal, until he announces nova. When he does so, everyone run 20+ yards down the stripe, wait for his nova to go off and for Loken to run to the tank, whereby we continue dps. Rinse and repeat.

First try, our tank kinda pulled Loken too close so there was some confusion when we ran out of stripe to run along and had to decide whether to go left or right around the thingy in the middle. Boom nova and we wiped. Second try, all ran in to maximise the running space, tank, spank, run out when nova, dps, pop heroism and dps, run from nova, and dead boss.

Kinda anti-climatic after all the hype, I fail to see how anyone could miss a gigantic blinking beeping raid warning that Loken is going to nova. Yannie’s problem was that she was actually running a bit too far and had to waste time running back after the nova to the new tanking position. There should be plenty of time for people to run out of that… but oh wait, they “have a life” so its ok.

So Heroic Halls of Lightning was completed and Psin got his Northrend Dungeonmaster. Our dear mage forgot to loot the daily quest item as expected, and the corpse despawned by the time he flew back from Dalaran to the instance. Hooray! Now we only have Halls of Stone and Oculus left, but don’t feel any particular rush to do them unless a group of friends wants to.