A new milestone has been reached… and best Heroic Nexus ever

With the coming of a new year, comes the breaking of new records. This weekend, a new milestone was quietly reached amidst the wave of new players.

Yannie has surpassed the 100,000 gold mark >.< And she did it by levelling up her warrior’s blacksmithing to 440 in order to craft a Titansteel Destroyer for my rethuntardin, as well as notching enchanting on both my shaman and her druid (apparently she forgot that you’re supposed to LOSE money notching up professions…tsk tsk). She then made another 5,000 gold for good measure, so that she doesn’t have to suffer the horror of a bank account with less than 6 digits after she buys epic flying for her little warlock who is now 68…

Shouldn’t her bank toons be collapsing under that weight? When we were playing DurisMUD, coins carried by players had weight and if there were too rich, they couldn’t move. If that was applicable in WoW, Ironforge would be gone and in its place would be a black hole in the fabric of the universe caused by excessive concentration of gold.

In other (less exciting) news, we did a bunch of heroics with a friend whose feral druid had just recently dinged 80. It was very fun to play with friends, and just goes to show once again that gear is really secondary to some basic intelligence. We did Heroic Draktharon with a rogue and a mage, and at the end of the run me and my wife were wondering how come it seemed a bit tougher than usual. Turned out that the mage was specced 71 points frost, and the final damage meters had the rogue at 30%, me(tanking) and the mage tied at 26%, and our feral druid friend at 18%. But hey, they were generally willing to listen and it was still fun and perfectly doable rather than just /facerolling through as usual.

But the highlight was the funniest heroic nexus run ever. We formed a group with a bunch of friends comprising of Mikitty(the feral druid), Psin(warlock) and holy-turned-ret pally. The pally shall remain nameless to protect his identity. On second thoughts, just call him Rufian. Such awesomeness deserves recognition.

Everything was fine until we started clearing the way to the 2nd boss (wraith-thingy that summons chaotic rifts). One of the trash packs has a rift that can be dpsed down at range before engaging the rest of the dragonkin standing around it. So as Yannie and Psin started shooting it down, I was hanging a bit back to skin the previous dragonkin (so soft and leathery… mmmm…) when it happened.

I think Rufian must have been watching DVDs or something and not really paying attention when we said we were going to range down the rift first. With the rift at about 50%, he suddenly charged into the whole pack, jumping as he went (he’s a dwarf). Right in the middle of them, he jumped in mid-air and gave a graceful twirl as he hit Divine Storm… and then got 2-shot while the rest of us stood there in stunned silence.

I immediately ran in and popped challenging roar and we killed off the pack, but for the rest of the run I couldn’t stop laughing everytime I thought of that little dwarf going LEEEEROY JENKINNSSSS and bouncing happily towards certain doom. In fact, I think Blizzard couldn’t stop laughing either and it caused the server to crash while we were fighting the wraith boss at 50%. After lagging for 15+ minutes, Psin and Yannie were booted to Dalaran inn, but the other 3 of us ended up falling in limbo in an endless loop somewhere in the sky near Dalaran. Eventually we hit some invisible wall and died and had to put in GM tickets because we couldn’t rez. Of course, my body ended up in Crystalsong, Mikitty ended up in Darnassus, and Rufian… apparently got lost again because his spirit was in Crystalsong but his body was nowhere to be found. Maybe Blizzard put it in UBRS as a tribute to the original Leeroy Jenkins.

After rezzing up we continued our Nexus run, including clearing trash again because they mysteriously respawned even though bosses were dead. Rufian ungraciously declined our request for an instant replay at the same trash pack (I was hoping for a screenshot). Of course, after laughing at Rufian, Mikitty then committed suicide by falling off the platform after killing the wraith boss 😛


One thought on “A new milestone has been reached… and best Heroic Nexus ever

  1. LOL!!!~

    That was so funny. Mikitty was jumping towards the edge thinking that’s where to bridge is. But he’s wrong.

    So he fell into oblivion, twice.

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