Heroic Halls of Lightning

Yannie tells me I’m always so grumpy, most of my posts are rantings about dumb people. Though she also somehow believes that I only sound mean and cranky, and I’m actually a nice person πŸ™‚

Anyway, after getting that bit about Tobold’s noobosity off my chest, I figured I’d write a bit about our jaunt through what is apparently one of the hardest heroics in WoW right now: Halls of Lightning.

At that time, the only instances we had not done before were HoL, HoS and Oculus. The reason for this is that they were known as some of the harder heroics, which is kinda to be expected since they are level 80 instances on normal. Since I was still tofu bear, we didn’t really feel comfortable tackling them until we had run through them on normal at least. Of course, the problem is no one does normal level 80 instances… and there was also very little loot we wanted.

However, it happened one fine day that HoL was the heroic daily and our warlock friend Psin wanted to do it to finish his Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement to be able to make Wispcloak. So we grouped up and started looking for 2 more dps.

Things didn’t start so good as we first picked up some ret pally with a name like Sirpwnsalot or something like that… bad sign already. As we were looking for our last dps member, he suddenly gave us the following tidbit:

retnoob: “guys I have some great news, I’m already saved to an instance with only Loken left, so we can just walk in and kill him and finish the daily nice and easy”
me: …
yannie: …
me: no thanks /kick

at least the moron told us before we zoned in, otherwise he’d really be in for a tongue lashing…

In any case we eventually hooked up with 2 others in our guild who were also looking to do the daily, our ex-main tank warrior who stopped raiding due to moving to the US to study and a mage. The mage… is an interesting player. His exploits could be the subject of multiple blog posts. All regarding what NOT to do. But I digress…

The group makeup meant I’d be along to dps in cat form, which I wasn’t too excited about since my dps wasn’t great with all tanking talents and not much attention having been paid to my cat gear. But I figured it should be fine.

We pulled up to the first boss without much difficulty (usual pull everything and aoe). Apparently you’re only supposed to engage him and his two buddies when he doesn’t have some sort of electrical charge, which I gather our tank did since he didn’t do anything worth noting. Tank, spank, bite ass… loot emblems. I think I got some epic leather dps wrists from him, so his death was not in vain.

The second boss was a big golem who summoned some small adds. He had an ability to make the corpse of the small adds explode, which did more damage the closer you were to them ala Gruul shatter. So we decided to go for the achievement of just killing the boss and ignoring the adds, which worked really easily. I don’t see why anyone would do it any other way.

The trash pulls to the third boss were quite interesting in that there’s a hallway that you have to move through slowly, that were filled with “statues”. At certain intervals, some of them would come alive and attack you, so if you raced through the hallway you’d aggro all of them and possibly get overwhelmed. Reminded me of some old movies with people hiding in suits of armor…

The third boss had some nice abilities. He would randomly toss an orb at someone, ala Void Reaver, that hit the ground where they were standing at the time of the cast and does some static charge damage. He also periodically despawned into some lightning spiders, which would chase after players (they look quite cute). But the spiders were easily dealt with just by running straight down the middle of the stairs, sidestepping them and then running straight back up just as the boss respawns. We actually wiped once here because our dear mage actually ran to god-knows-where during the spiders and came back with a pack of 6 elementals. The second try was easy-peasey.

Onwards to Loken! I was getting a bit nervous here, because Loken is the reason why HoL is supposed to be hard and we had 3 people in the party who had never done HoL before. He has apparently, in the 2 months since WotLK has been released, surpassed every other mob in the game in terms of player kills. (Previously, this title of deadliest mob in the game was held by the Defias Pillager, a caster mob standing outside Deadmines which had a tendency to aggro 5 million friends and could fireball low level players for half their lifebar.) Even the trash mobs started to hit harder and our tank almost died once or twice on the giant mobs.

Finally we stood in front of Loken. He has 2 main abilities, a very powerful but short ranged (20 yards) nova that he announces, and a lightning aura that does more damage the further away you are.

We decided to just move him along this stripe that leads from Loken’s throne to some round… thing in a foyer in front of him. The entire party would stand at his feet and dps/heal, until he announces nova. When he does so, everyone run 20+ yards down the stripe, wait for his nova to go off and for Loken to run to the tank, whereby we continue dps. Rinse and repeat.

First try, our tank kinda pulled Loken too close so there was some confusion when we ran out of stripe to run along and had to decide whether to go left or right around the thingy in the middle. Boom nova and we wiped. Second try, all ran in to maximise the running space, tank, spank, run out when nova, dps, pop heroism and dps, run from nova, and dead boss.

Kinda anti-climatic after all the hype, I fail to see how anyone could miss a gigantic blinking beeping raid warning that Loken is going to nova. Yannie’s problem was that she was actually running a bit too far and had to waste time running back after the nova to the new tanking position. There should be plenty of time for people to run out of that… but oh wait, they “have a life” so its ok.

So Heroic Halls of Lightning was completed and Psin got his Northrend Dungeonmaster. Our dear mage forgot to loot the daily quest item as expected, and the corpse despawned by the time he flew back from Dalaran to the instance. Hooray! Now we only have Halls of Stone and Oculus left, but don’t feel any particular rush to do them unless a group of friends wants to.

3 thoughts on “Heroic Halls of Lightning

  1. Interestingly, all HoL achievements are done.. by just playing normally.

    I’m still tempted to get that mount.

  2. Now that you’re raiding almost every night, still have time to try for heroic achievements? πŸ™‚

  3. Tsk, tsk, psin hooked on achievements πŸ˜›

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