Political correctness

Haven’t really posted lately due to being busy at work, and at home I’m more inclined to do other things 🙂

There have been a few posts lately at Tobold’s blog , dealing with raids in Wrath of the Lich King. As always, the comments tend to degenerate into hardcore vs casual arguments, but one thing that struck me was how silly a lot of people are in trying to be politically correct.

One of Tobold’s posts was about Gevlon and how he calls everyone morons and slackers. Hmm… sounds familiar 🙂 Lots of people agreed with him and said that Gevlon is the moron for calling people who “fail at playing a game” morons, blah blah blah. After all, they are old, they have poor reactions, they have a life etc etc.

However, nowhere was it ever said that these people AREN’T morons. It’s just not “polite” to call them morons, and therefore comments by rude people are somehow supposed to be ignored.

I’m sorry, but sticking your head in the sand isn’t going to change anything. A vertically challenged person is still short, a person with a learning disability is still retarded. Putting a fancy name on it doesn’t make the world a better place.

Tobold tries to explain this by saying that the terms moron and slacker are subjective, and someone somewhere is more intelligent than you or puts in more effort than you, thus nobody is a moron or slacker. This is complete nonsense. Somewhere in this great big world, someone is going to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Someone exists who literally IS the dumbest/laziest person in the world. So obviously morons/slackers exist, it then becomes a matter of disputing who qualifies as one.

Guess what, it really is subjective. No one decides “ok you have an IQ of so-and-so, you’re now officially a moron”. I’m sure most of the professors in university think that I’m retarded for not understanding “simple” concepts… I wonder what they think about those American college jocks… But compared to those who can’t even get into a university, they probably think we are geniuses.

But just because it’s subjective doesn’t mean it’s not true by certain standards. Should you discount whatever someone says when they say you’re a moron? Of course not. What you should do is look at yourself, look at what they are saying, and think whether what they are saying is true by your standards. Because, horror of horrors, they may be right and you actually ARE doing something stupid. But most people are just too afraid to look into a mirror and seriously think about whether they are actually in the wrong. Instead the knee-jerk reaction is “it’s just a game”, “i have a life and a job”, “i play to have fun”. Again, no effort made to consider whether the criticism is actually warranted, just plenty of excuses. It may turn out after reflection that it’s just some flaming troll sputtering vitriol to make up for his own deficiencies. But most people aren’t even willing to take that first step of looking at themselves.

So are people who fail at WoW morons? I think that depends on how they fail. No one expects to kill difficult raid bosses perfectly the first try. But I have to wonder, how is it possible for any player to repeatedly fail at the same simple task like “avoid spout” over and over again. I mean, WoW is really just problem solving. It’s not some platform game where you have to jump exactly onto a moving log. If you can’t see a giant raid warning, followed by a raid leader giving a heads up in vent/through another raid warning, followed by a giant fish spinning slowly around with a jet of water rotating in a circle which can be avoided by taking a couple of steps backwards/sideways… there is really something wrong with your brain. I cannot imagine a person, who is really sitting there, paying attention, and trying hard, failing to do this. Even if you have poor reactions, there are many ways you can compensate for this.

Blizzard didn’t put in “barriers to entry” to raids. I’m pretty sure they don’t design instances saying “ok we only want 10% of people to be able to succeed in this”. They designed instances that were meant to be fun. Whether or not players succeed in killing the boss, is up to the players themselves.

You don’t get kicked out of the instance if you don’t have a certain hit rating, you don’t get a debuff that decreases your damage by 50%(most people seem to be born with this debuff) without a certain number of days /played. The only barrier is the stupidity of the human race. But due to political correctness, Tobold and the rest of his welfare commenters will never understand that it was never that raiding was too hard, it was that they were just unwilling to admit that they were just horribly bad at playing.

3 thoughts on “Political correctness

  1. Guess what, it really is subjective. No one decides “ok you have an IQ of so-and-so, you’re now officially a moron”.

    You haven’t watched Forest Gump, did you? Otherwise you would know that there *is* an IQ under which you are are officially a moron, I believe the limit is 70.

    And if you read what I posted on my blog, I did say that these people aren’t morons. They are just bad at playing WoW, which has very little to do with IQ. One of the hardcore arguments was that somebody was a moron if he dealt less than 2k damage per second. Hello? So if I equip that guy with a bunch of epic and his dps goes up to over 2k he turns from a moron into an intelligent person?

    This has nothing to do with political correctness, but everything to do with what *you* should do if one of your guildmates doesn’t deal as much damage as he should do. Either call him a “moron” and kick him out of the guild, or have a look at his talent build and spell rotation and give him some advice which would allow him to perform much better next raid. Calling somebody a moron suggests that he would be unable to learn. Why can’t we just call him a noob and leave open the possibility that he could do better?

  2. To be fair, calling someone a moron just for isolated cases of poor performance is unjustified. However, how long are you going to make excuses for people who repeatedly fail at paying attention and doing very simple things?

    Your point is that a otherwise intelligent person would perform poorly if you just give him a new level 80 character to play. Yes, but a otherwise intelligent person would then find ways and means to research and improve his knowledge. He wouldn’t be doing the exact same stupid thing 2 months later.

    Your view is that one should NEVER call someone a moron. Gevlon just calls everyone a moron all the time. Neither is strictly correct, because no matter how much of a kind heart you have morons do exist, and some of them are playing WoW, and failing miserably.

    Some people just are morons… calling them something else and making excuses doesn’t improve them either. The point of my post is, rather than act aghast, people need to take a good look at themselves and think “why am I being called a moron?”

    Lastly, from your previous posts I know full well you disagree but giving someone all epics doesn’t boost their dps that much if they sucked originally 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t call someone who was born with low IQ a moron. He just has low IQ. The true morons are those born with a brain but refuses to use them. In WoW, morons are those players who have poor skills but refuses to acknowledge it or even accept well-meaning advice on how to improve. Skill or intelligence doesn’t define the person as moronic, it is their attitude and wanton waste of their god given gifts that does.

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