The definition of a good player

Saw this post by Euripedes from CriticalQQ and I couldn’t agree more.

A good player doesn’t have amazing twitch skills or full heroic epics in every slot. He doesn’t need to do 3000 dps while turning 360 degrees jumping in mid-air.

A good player is simply someone who doesn’t make excuses and is willing to learn and improve, even if its only a game. Because the fun is in seeing yourself and your friends improve and tackle harder and harder challenges, so you can look back and feel pride in what you accomplished together.

Vashj, Kael, Archimonde… they all seemed impossible on the first pull. But that feeling of downing them, improving steadily until finally enough people “get” the fight… This is something that the lolcasual, who wants to go into raids with a random assortment of characters and /faceroll their way to epics, will never understand.

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