(She Says) A Run-Through of Obsidium Sanctum (10-man)

And here I was, about to post about my healing experience at Obsidium Sanctum and Pockie already beat me to it.  As he described it, we had some difficulties with a few wipes on an instance we were familiar with and have in fact pugged many times.

I’ve mentioned previously,  when tanks drop dead, the immediate thoughts that come to mind are that it’s either the healer or the tank’s fault. But sometimes, it can also be a problem of DPS with poor situational awareness. Standing in big exploding circles, rain of fire, Sartharion’s lava waves can create big distractions for healers as they try to keep the DPS alive. Heals on DPS = less heals on tanks. I’ve seen enough deaths in Archimonde to know that to be true. 

But back to OS, I’ve always thought that 10 man OS was harder than 25 man. Not because of the the boss but the trash. The first trash pull consists of 4-5 dragons. Collectively, their abilities include mortal strike (-50% healing), rain of fire (aoe 2k per tick) and some ball of fire thing that shoots lazer (~1k), the combination of which can be deadly to a tank. At the same time, it is also likely that healing is spread thin on dps who enjoys a bath in the rain of fire. The other potentially fatal mistake is to pull all the mobs together for AOE when the two tanks should really pull them apart. Aoeing may work if the group’s dps is high but in the case of our friends in the new guild, we probably should do it the safe way.

After another few trash packs, you will face the subbosses. They are fairly straightforward, dps boss, enter portal, kill adds, dps boss. For healers, one will need to stay outside the portal healing the MT while another enter the portal to heal the AOE damage inside. I was surprised by the amount of damage the maintank was taking on the first one (can’t remember the name, first one counterclock-wise from the door). Noork has about 28k hp but the damage was coming in very big jumps and in quick succession. Just a quick summary of my gear: I have close to 2.1k healing, 300 haste, 480 mp5 self-buffed. Earthshield was up on the tank though no riptide.  There I was spamming healing wave on the not so fat bear butt but he still dropped like a fly. It was surprising to me as we didn’t seem to have this problem previously. Does the boss get a secret buff while everyone else gets in the portal? Or was it because Noork was a druid tank? The subsequent subbosses were somehow not a problem. But that was also with a lot of overhealing on my part and we switched to a warrior tank.

Then came Sartharion himself. It’s a really easy fight once you get the hang of dancing around his lava waves. There are two safezones, depending on which direction the lava waves are coming from. The main tank tanks him at the front safe zone. There is a big fat alert on your screen when he is about to cast lava waves, at which point you should look around to see which safe zone it is. We had many many dps (and the other resto shaman) who repeatedly washed themselves in the lava. A very clean wash down to the bones, I’m sure. The number of adds that spawned seems to have increased as well. At this point, I was really starting to wonder if Blizzard quietly buffed the instance. At any rate, it ended ok on the second try but it was a somewhat draining experience. Then again, still marginally better than joining a pug with whiny healers who demand that you pay their repair bills when we wiped and somehow their shadowmeld was broken.

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