Night out in Naxx-10

Whew, haven’t posted in quite a while due to the Chinese New Year holidays. We only got back from visiting relatives on Monday night and since then have been busy at work catching up on stuff, especially since I will be away for two weeks starting next Monday.

Wednesday seems to be a more active night for our guild and enough people were on for us to get a 10-man group together. VoA was out, so we headed over to do OS. We had 3 healers this time (2 shamans and a pally, we still have no holy priests/resto druids >.<) and things seemed to go much better. OS was quite uneventful even though it was the first time for some people, except that the stacking spirit trinket was rolled on by the holy pally and the other resto shaman… Guess they didn’t realise that spirit is of absolutely zero benefit to their class and equipping it would be equivalent to not wearing a trinket ๐Ÿ™‚ It was fine since no one else wanted it anyway but still it was funny.

After OS, it was still relatively early so it was suggested that we try out Naxx-10. Only 1 person in the group had ever done it before, and it took a while for people to figure out Naxx was that floating thing in the sky above wintergarde keep and the summoning stone was at the bottom of the citadel instead of the top. Since we were NaxxNoobs, it was decided that we would try spider wing first.

First we had to find out which was spider wing ๐Ÿ˜› but we managed to make the connection between the name and the swarms of spiders skittering around the first room so that went ok. The trash pulls throughout the wing consisted of just aoe-ing everything so there wasn’t really anything to note. Pretty quickly we found ourselves looking at the first boss, Anub’rekhan.


He mainly has 2 abilities to take note of, summoning a crypt guard add and casting carrion swarm which was a 30 yard stacking aoe dot. I was on add duty, and the warrior main tank was supposed to kite Anub’rekhan along the outer perimeter of the room to keep his aoe away from us. DPS just had to keep away and kill the adds (and the little scarab beetles form the corpses) as they spawned.

First two tries didn’t go so well due to confusion about the kiting and falling into the slime, and people eating carrion swarm and healers getting silenced. We then read that on 10-man, the carrion swarm can actually be healed through fairly easily, plus we had 3 healers. So the next attempt we just tanked and spanked him at the doorway, with me picking up adds as they spawned at the other end of the room. Much easier and he easily went down with no problems at all.


After aoeing our way through a couple more rooms of spiders and random necrodoodies, we faced off against Grand Widow Faerlina. She stands on a platform with 4 buddies next to her. She only does 1 thing of note, and that is a periodic enrage. On heroic, one of her worshippers needs to be mind-controlled and used to dispel her enrage (maybe by giving a soothing back massage?). In the 10-man, we just needed to kill one of them near her to tranquilise her (good thing since we seem to have no priests… at all.)

The initial plan was the warrior would tank the boss on the right side and I’d tank and dps the worshippers on the left (they are ranged so they are a bit hard to move) and he would drag Faerlina over when she enraged and we would kill a worshipper. First try, not so good since the boss really hits hard and the warrior died before we could finish off the worshipper.

We then realised that Faerlina and her buddies don’t really do anything. So we just tanked them together to save time and we managed to dispel the first enrage in time. The problem was after that the adds kept slowly dying to some random aoe damage (could be from the ret pally’s divine storm), but it wasn’t an issue since each add kill pushed back her next enrage for 30 seconds. She never enraged after the first one and we killed her easily even with our noobie dps.


Trash, blah blah, swipe swipe swipe swipe… Ok last boss. We really completely screwed this fight up and still walked away with a win. Her main abilities are a web wrap on a random player which will fling them to the back wall and must be destroyed by ranged dps, a aoe stun that can’t be avoided, and waves of little annoying spider babies. She also enrages at 35% and starts hitting like a truck. Oh and a poison spray that reduces healing on target by 90%.

First wipe was epic fail because after all the explanations, we didn’t realise that the room got sealed off after the fight began and half the raid was left outside. Second try was really chaotic and dps couldn’t figure out where the web wrapped people were fast enough. Third try was better, and we slowly whittled her down. As predicted, the warrior tank died during a aoe stun after she enraged and I taunted her and took over. I had to pop trinkets and cooldowns and took her down to about 2%, where I died too during a stun. Amazingly she still missed me a couple of times when I was wrapped up in a web. Fortunately dps managed to zerg down her last 27k of hp and we won.

In retrospect, I realised that the fight could be done in a much better fashion by positioning all dps and healers at the back left wall since the web wraps always get flung there. The main tank should pull Maexxna to the left wall and face her to the wall since her poison spray is a frontal cone. The OT should just stand in a clump with all the ranged dps and healers and wait for the wave of spider adds, which will naturally head to the healers. That would make it much more controlled.

    Arachnid Quarter: Complete!

With that kill, we all got the achievement for clearing the spider wing, taking about 1.5 hours in total with the wipes and random people getting lost. Didn’t get any loot (though yannie got some healing legs from Faerlina) but it was great fun to play with some friends without dumb drama. We’ll probably try to continue trying some other quarters and hopefully start doing Naxx-10 a bit more regularly.


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