(She Says) Pengu goes to Voilet Hold

penguMy  warlock made yet another excursion into PUG normal instances.

The first attempt was when she was 75 and was with 3 DKs (level 78, 75 and 73 respectively. Gonna call them by their levels) and a level 73 resto shaman. When I armoried the resto shaman, I saw that he had logged out with a “of the eagle” weapon. Yes, purely Stamina and Int and a grand total of 500 spell damage. Warning bells right there.

Before Mr 75 joined, we were looking for a tank. There was a dps warrior in the Looking For Group (think he was level 80) and they were contemplating asking him to tank.  Mr 78 rightly said it’s a matter of whether the healer can keep him up. Mr Shaman retorted that he was more worried that the tank can’t keep the mobs off him but as far as WotLK is concerned, that has never been a problem.  So anyway, we picked up Mr 75 as a tank later on and headed in.

The first portal was up. Mr 75 stood where the NPCs were. 10 seconds. He’s still standing there. “Hey go tank the mobs”, we said. And still he stood. I prodded my felguard and made him go tank instead. Along the way, Mr78 became the tank by default since he did the most dps. (He had the heirloom shoulders). Mr75 was a useless mass of hps that did only 600 dps and was worst than my felguard as a tank.  Mr73 claimed he was lagging badly and decided “to stand where there’s no one to reduce the lag”. Hmm standing where no one else is, gee no wonder he does no dps. We had the two easy bosses so that arrangement went ok, even though I was the only one with dps higher than the “tank” aka Mr78. And then we met the final boss. Technically the easiest boss around. And guess what, the shaman stood in Blizzard and died. Tired of the prospect a long slow road to the end, we called it and that ends Round 1.

Yesterday night, I decided to go another run. We had a level 80 tank and 80 ele shaman healing – not that much healing was needed. It went smoothly and I was very pleased with my damage. Little pengu was doing up to 1500 dps (with heroism)! Normal dps probably around 13xx-1400?  I’m still amazed at how much dps she can put out at level 76 esp compared to the many weak dps we’ve met in pugs so far. Come on, I’m wearing quest items for crying out loud and my connection isn’t exactly blazing fast. So what were those people doing?

Anyway I got a new pair of pants from the dungeon quest. With the ghetto spellthread I make with 1 eternium thread, I’m now at 1400 sp! Yippee!

One thought on “(She Says) Pengu goes to Voilet Hold

  1. Nerf Rethreth :/

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