(She Says) Random Ramblings Regarding Rethreth

rethreth lvl 80I’ve been playing my warlock exclusively since Pockie is not around to play with me. She is my little wander lust character. Randomly exploring, getting lost, doing quests when I feel like it, joining pugs.

I can finally understand why people enjoy playing dps. The goal is clear – to do as much damage as possible. The performance is easily measurable – use a dps meter. Granted there is such a thing as not killing the right things but the pressure is much less as there are many dps to spread your burden. Due to the way healers are assigned, you may end up being solely responsible for one person and getting distracted for a split second could sometimes mean that the tank dies and the raid wipes. For dps, every piece of upgrade directly impacts your damage output; for a healer, getting an additional 20 healing may not mean anything if you are consistently overhealing more than that.

I’ve been level 80 for a week now and has been very lucky with drops in the instances  went to. I got Staff of Restraint in my first heroic Obsidium Sanctum, Azure Cloth Bindings from my first heroic dungeon. Of course, I’ve also bought/crafted some BOE epics like Ebonweave Gloves, Titanium Spellshock Ring and Chain of Latent Energies. But even before I got all those, I went to a heroic VOA and was doing 2k+ dps. I outdpsed all the mages in the group, some of whom I know are at least Naxx geared.

While I’m proud that little Rethreth can do respectable dps from the outstart, I’m not silly enough to think it’s because of my leet skills.  In fact, I’m more amazed by what people are unable to achieve. If I can do it, with my odd levelling spec which I still have yet to spec out of, I don’t see why others can’t. Age, internet connection, gear — these are all excuses that people use so that they don’t have to say ” Hey, I’m really bad at this. How can I improve?” It’s not the poor players that we scorn, those can improve if they have the right attitude.  We’ve seen in our previous guild, people who’ve done just that. Even when they did poor dps, I still take kindly to them because you can tell that they try harder than anyone else.

Most people in the game however would rather just kick someone out of raid than spend time to train them up. This is the reality of an anonymous virtual reality – an even greater disconnect with others. Sometimes, I feel like my characters are treated more like a statistic or a bot than an avatar of someone sitting behind the screen.

In TBC, there was a lot of bad blood from those who are better at some encounters like Teron Gorefied and all they could contribute to the rest of the raid are insults. Maybe it’s a female thing to dislike conflict but I’d rather work on improving the situation than just telling people off which does nothing except create discontent. Raiding was honestly starting to feel like work, which is why we stopped during wotlk.

Anyway, I’ll continue with my adventures with Rethreth, continuing to mull on how we could have met so many people who weren’t even able to do 1k dp, half of what this little warlock did on turning 80, in quested gear.

P.S: Also got Heroes Plagueheart Robe and Deadly Gladiator’s Felweave Trousers today. In contrast, my shaman went to so many pugs but never came away with more than badges… think my warlock is going to outgear my shaman and in less than a week too…

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