I’m back… and with a new resto shaman to boot!

Wow ok I was gone a long time… I had to go back to the army for 2 weeks, during which I slept all over the place in the sun and came back with a amazing tan. While I was gone, little Rethreth scampered all over the place topping dps meters and getting lots of loot.

When I came back, the first thing I did was get my Ruffruf up to level 80. She was 77 when I left, so this took about 2 days. Upon hitting 80, I immediately equipped Zom’s Crackling Bulwark which we had bought for about 1.5k gold. A couple of days later, I also bought Titan-forged Sabatons of Salvation and Titan-forged Ringmail Helm of Salvation, bought for 15 and 40 wintergrasp marks of honor respectively. With the honor we got from getting those marks, I got a Hateful Gladiator’s Band of Dominance.

While I was still elemental specced, I did a couple of heroic pugs which went well. I easily did 1600+ dps in those groups, some of which included death knights with 1000 dps (melee attack was his highest percentage of damage, followed by death and decay) and mages which did 800 dps. Nothing new here…

The more interesting news is that our guild has now cleared everything in 10-man naxx except Kel’Thuzad. With my 3 80’s (one tank, one dps, one healer/dps) I’ve now seen every boss fight albeit with different characters 😛

Spider Wing
Off-tanked with druid, healed/dpsed with shaman

Plague Wing
Cleared Noth, Heigan, Loatheb with pally, dancing was quite easy once you understand it’s just running left -> right -> left -> right…

Construct Wing
Ate hatefuls with druid, dpsed/off-healed with pally
Failed Grobbulus with druid, killed Grobbulus, Gluth and Thaddius with pally

Military Wing
Healed everything with shaman, but only managed to clear 4-horsemen after speccing resto (it was very stressful having 4-horsemen as the first raid after speccing resto for the first time ever… and being asked to heal both Zeliek and Blaumex >.< my brain exploded a few times)

Took quite a few tries but got him down with only a shaman’s frost resist totem for resists. Helped that we had 3 resto shamans and 1 prot pally in healing gear to heal the people soaking in Chills and Cleaves…

By the time we got Sapphiron down we were pretty tired since we hadn’t really intended on raiding that night and we were getting kinda irritated at a few people (does it make sense to not explain fights properly because you’re lazy, only to wipe a few times because no one even knows which way Sapphiron is supposed to face? “Turn him left” isn’t really hard to explain instead of “east-west” “north-south” “no I meant on minimap”) so we called it at that point.

Once we can clear the rest of Naxx quickly as we get more experienced, we’ll have plenty of time to try KZ rather than pushing on him over and over past midnight on a work day.


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