Who’s carrying who

Hmm… Tobold has a post about how silly pugs are getting nowadays. Players trying to form groups in our server have also started putting requirements like 2k dps or “must be full epicced” when trying to fill spots for heroics.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to avoid a pug from hell with mages that do 800 dps and afk death knights. But some of these “requirements” are nothing short of pure idiocy. The point of the run is to do the heroic smoothly and quickly. Unless you are going for the heroic achievements, whether or not you kill a boss in 1 min or 45 seconds isn’t a big deal. Requiring someone to be in full epic gear in order to do heroic Nexus is as laughable as only doing deadmines with 4 level 80s to escort you.

The justification used by these players is often that they don’t want to carry along weak players. However, what constitutes carrying someone along? I take that as meaning that player can’t perform their role in the instance. Just because a player does not satisfy purely arbitrary “requirements” does not mean they are being carried along. As long as a tank can hold aggro and not get 1-shot, he has done his job. As long as a healer doesn’t let someone die on every pull, he has done his job. As long as dps can kill a boss before he enrages or the healer runs out of mana, they have done their job.

I can only think of two possible reasons for these players only accepting overgeared group members.

Firstly, these people have no clue what’s going on. They genuinely believe that a healer/dps/tank’s ability to perform their job and complete the instance is directly correlated to how much spellpower or hp they have. This is especially funny given that different classes and specs can have completely different stats. I’ve once had some healer ask me how much defense I had on my feral druid when I offered to tank a easy heroic. For your information, druid tanks require 0 defense. If they have no clue what they are asking about, why are they asking?

As a healer, I prefer tanks who have 25k hp and actually move out of smash and pound rather than 35k hp sacks of shit that sit there and eat everything. As a tank, I prefer 1500 dps players who let me get at least one attack in before starting aoe rather than 2000 dps dumbkin who pull mobs using typhoon and hurricane. As a dps… ok as dps I just nuke everything, who cares what the rest are doing…

The second possibility is that they want overgeared players so that they can brainlessly zerg the instance. They are lazy players and want to watch tv or chat on the phone while pressing frostfire bolt over and over. They also want to feel that they have powerful characters. They want to laugh as they pull 3 packs of mobs at the same time and aoe them down. They want to kill bosses in 20 seconds before they have time to even use their abilities. All this contributes to their feeling like “pro” and elite skilled players, although again I have to say that taking damage from obvious avoidable abilities doesn’t make you elite. How dare the healer not be able to heal them while they tank the boss along with 2 packs of patrolling mobs, they are obviously being held back by his undergeared ass and standing in the way of their feeling like invincible superheroes.

There’s nothing stopping them from continuing to only take overgeared players, it is their choice after all. It’s not against the ToS that they would rather spam in /lfg for 1 hour rather than take a normally geared player and complete the instance in 30 minutes rather than 25 (oh the horror). But make no mistake, its obvious to all who are the ones looking for a free ride. Who works harder during a heroic run, the overgeared tank and dps spamming random buttons or the poor “undergeared and lazy” healer with ONLY 1800 spellpower frantically spamming heals on their dumb asses as they stand in AOEs and cleaves?

My personal conclusion is that it isn’t a big loss that they are setting such requirements, it allows me to pick out the idiots and young kids from the normal people.

2 thoughts on “Who’s carrying who

  1. Tyvm for such a timely blog. We were just complaining in guild about this and one fantastic player and pretty nicely geared Toon was extremely discouraged because of comments made while in LFG. I linked you on our new blog. TY again.

  2. Thanks for the comment Greatlady, sorry I didn’t reply sooner since I was busy (busy playing…)

    Yeah, it’s really silly the way people are trying to get with the “in crowd” nowadays and preventing perfectly good players from joining groups. I just did heroic Nexus last night with a friend who had freshly dinged 80 on his warrior. He still had quite a few lvl 70 epics on and had just crafted some stuff to get uncrittable. The run went perfectly fine and was so smooth, I kept wondering whether it was on normal or heroic.

    Send my regards to your guildie and tell him not to be discouraged, I’m sure your guild runs will show how easy instance runs are even without meeting these “requirements” 🙂

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