Weekend, Wii and Full clear Naxx-10

Quite a eventful weekend last week, even though as usual it passed too fast for my liking 😐

Ruffruf managed to pug OS-10, OS-25, VoA-10 and VoA-25 and walked away with the T7 gloves. Unfortunately without the 2-set bonus it seems inferior to another pair of gloves I had picked up the previous week in Naxx-10 with the guild since its pure mp5, and has lower mp5 than the Wyrmrest Exalted gloves in any event. So it’s rotting in my bags until I get another piece of T7.

We also went to a colleague’s house to play with her new Wii. Very cute games and it was quite fun with a whole bunch of people, but I can foresee that the games will get stale quickly unless you have friends to regularly play with. Furthermore, I think it’s difficult unless you get a group of people who are at roughly the same skill levels. Most of the people there don’t play computer games, and the difference is very obvious. I could pretty easily win in almost all the minigames in Mario Party, with the exception of another guy there who played WoW and Warhammer who at least looked like he knew what he was doing. Even with the little bit we played, I could almost sense the thoughts of “oh he won again”. The games would be much less fun if the same person always won since no one, not even casual players, likes losing all the time. Plus I’m really bad at pretending to lose >.< Then again, its also quite amazing how people who don’t play games often can be so confused about what seem to be very simple instructions.

In WoW, besides numerous pugs (some of which contained epic fail players) our guild managed to clear all of Naxx-10. Most bosses were pretty much 1-shot except for silly mistakes like pulling before everyone is ready and stuff like that, but those don’t count… I went off to play basketball and so missed out on the Kel’Thuzad kill, but it’s still quite funny that we can kill the final boss with 1 hour of attempts with a bunch of casual players who don’t even enchant gear properly, don’t use food/flasks and some don’t even use the proper abilities. That would have been so unthinkable in Burning Crusade! We couldn’t even kill Lurker or Void Reaver in 1 hour 🙂

Only Malygos now remains since I doubt we are really interested in Sartharion with drakes.


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