Apparently warlocks are nerfed

So, as a commenter at Mystic Chicanery claims, warlocks are now the least popular class in WoW at 7%, and have even lost to shamans. Which is a class that was only introduced to Alliance in TBC.

I’m not quite sure why the warlock population has dropped like a stone. Of course, I’m one of those that stopped playing my cute little gnome warlock so I didn’t help matters much. The main impression I’m getting is that most people think locks were nerfed in WotLK and are not competitive dps.

This is very puzzling to me as Rethreth randomly prances around pwning every single pull with her felguard cleaving away while rain of fire ticks for about 3.5k every other second on a pack of mobs. I can’t recall the last time she has NOT topped dps, with the very rare exception of a very well geared DK who was not actually asleep. In our Naxx-10 groups, the only one who can come even close is our friend Psin… but he’s also a warlock. Even when I took my Plik out to run free in Borean Tundra, I felt massively overpowered since the new fel armor healing mechanic meant I never needed healing. “Oops I pulled 8 mobs, looks like I have to pop metamorphosis and immolation aura + rain of fire them to death while cackling madly”. Demo specced warlocks can easily solo group quests all the way up to Icecrown. And even then some 5 man quests there were doable.

I’m actually levelling my 54 mage now, and she makes me want to cry compared to my warlock. So why are there so few warlocks now? Which part was nerfed? You mean Rethreth is supposed to do even more than 30% of a 10-man group’s damage?

I don’t get it. Did they really all reroll DKs? >.< If warlocks are nerfed, mages should officially be classified as “non-combat apple strudel vendors” judging by their average dps, but there are still plenty of them around.


5 thoughts on “Apparently warlocks are nerfed

  1. I think people need to look beyond the damage meters and play the class they enjoy the most. All this ‘Im rerolling because my class got nerfed’ is bewildering to me.

    As a rogue Im not exactly flavour of the week and indeed on my realm im one of the few still bothering to level to 80. Why? because I enjoy the play style, I have a paladin, mage, druid and a death knight but I simply dont find them as much fun to play. Now I know I will never be top of damage meters in raids or instance runs these days due to mass AoE killing all the ‘trash mobs’ however I still play a part and know that when it comes to the boss they will be expecting me to open up a can of whoop ass.

    I do indeed believe Death Knights have played a part in taking away portions of the already not so popular classes. However perhaps people have just grown tired of their old toon/class and want a bit of a change.

  2. […] that I’ve ever gotten the urge to play to play to level cap. There’s some hint that warlocks got a nerf in WotLK. I think that’s somewhat justified but not across the board. Raiding Destruction got a […]

  3. Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed a drop in rogue numbers as well. Most of my VoA runs end up with rogue and warlock gear being left to rot. Even if some nerfs are really insignificant, some people really react out of proportion and reroll to some other flavour of the month class.

    It may also be due to pvp, I don’t know how rogues are in arenas now but it seems like pallies and dks dominate.

  4. Rogues are pretty much so/so in pvp now, sure we can still take out clothies pretty easy but vs death knights or paladins we may as well just curl up and die.

    It is something which troubles me as before I could live with being gimped at pve because we ruled at PvP now we are bottom of PvE and Id say midcard on PvP. Strange goings on. Now Im level 80 however Im debating transfering to a RP realm just for the fun. Im not a big RP geek but I would like to dabble, or perhaps I’ll start another rogue….

  5. I like your blog btw as you talk alot of sense, will add to you my blogroll so I can keep track of you

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