Now I’ve seen it all

Haven’t posted in a while due to being busier at work again, and I seldom post from home 🙂

The Vault of Archavon (VoA) is pretty much the easiest source of loot in WoW right now. This is a raid instance that only becomes accessible when your faction controls Wintergrasp. The 10-man version drops 2 Emblems of Heroism, 1 random T7 Heroes piece and 1 random Arena Brutal piece. The 25-man version drops 2 Emblems of Valor, 2 random T7.25 Valorous pieces and 2 random Arena Hateful pieces. I think I got the arena pieces’ names right, I don’t arena anymore so can’t remember which is the higher tier. Headpieces are excluded from his drops I think, I’ve never seen any.

This guy is really pretty much a loot pinata. The trash leading to him is pretty easy too, with the only things to note being their whirl attack which causes the tank to take 300% physical damage (hence the need for an offtank) and some pink stuff falling from the ceiling. It’s amazing to me how people can actually die to the pink stuff. It’s pink, for crying out loud. It’s almost like it’s intentionally designed to be a bright ugly color so you can’t possibly miss it (the alternative is that Archavon has a pink ceiling… shudder) and yet I’ve seen people just stand in it until they die. I’ve seen a pally stand in it, casting rez on someone who died in it, and drop dead 1 second after completing the rez.

I’ve previously written about mages who did 800 dps and how bad they were. DPS classes were doing that at level 70, there’s no way someone at 80 can still be doing 800 dps. But apparently the idiots are evolving and constantly finding new ways to amaze me.

Over the weekend, I pugged a normal VoA with my resto shaman and a heroic VoA with my feral druid. The tanks in both were a bit slow to taunt Archavon after the stomp, and were very bad at moving him out of the choking cloud. This is actually another pet peeve of mine… a lot of tanks don’t seem to realise that taunt is actually ranged now and will run forward into the cloud, and slowly back him away. All they have to do is remain where they are after Archavon jumps away, press taunt, and wait for him to run back to them…

On the 10-man version, we actually got him down without much problems. I checked Recount and saw that there was a pally who only healed about a tenth of the amount I healed. In shock, I moused over and saw that it comprised of Judgement of Light and Divine Storm. “Phew, he must be dpsing”. *Switch over to dps tab* That same pally was dead last on dps with 800. “Wtf, ok he must be holy or prot and dpsing because we have too many tanks and healers…” Nope, he had Crusader Strike…

On the heroic version, we actually wiped to him due to enrage. Twice. After getting my friend to come help dps on his death knight since we seemed to have horrendous dps, we finally downed him. I checked Recount (to laugh at my friend a.k.a Rufian Jenkins) and was stunned. Two hunters were at the bottom of damage done. One did 800 dps. The other did 300 dps. THREE HUNDRED. 300!


What you mean my dps low?!? No tell me how play my class!1!!11

Sorry couldn’t resist.

How in the world does a level 80 character do 300 dps. And they didn’t die by the way, they were alive and moving throughout the whole fight. I’m quite sure a naked level 80 would do more than that. Interesting experiment actually, then I’d be able to see just how much an effect gear has…

And at the end of it the dumb raid leader master-looted the valorous enhancement shaman chest to a hunter. Why master-loot if you’re unable to read?

It’s almost like the easier Blizzard makes the content to cater to casuals, the more amazingly bad the players will get. At this rate they are going to find some way to heal the boss and do negative dps soon…

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