Enchanting Shards

Both WoWInsider and Pugnacious Priest have recently talked about whether enchanters are supposed to help the group disenchant items during an instance run. I haven’t seen this particular phenomenom of enchanters throwing tantrums on our realm yet, but its definitely not the first time it has been discussed.

What boggles my mind is why it is even an issue at all. It simply shows that the enchanter is acting in a purely selfish way, and I would have no qualms about kicking that enchanter and never grouping with them again. Mind you, my shaman is an enchanter as well.

The proponents of enchanters not deing or keeping all the shards for themselves often point out that skinners/miners/herbers don’t share the stuff that they gather in instances. To me, there is a very big difference. The materials that they gather already belong to them, by virtue of the game mechanics making the items appear in their bags without asking for a roll. If they were not there, no one can make any use whatsoever of the herb/mine/poor bear on the floor. Asking them to share is like saying “you took 2000 gold out of your mailbox yesterday, we should get a cut of that”.

An enchanter is not giving up something they already own when they disenchant an item. That item already belongs to someone else. I’m not even going to consider the enchanters that think they are entitled to ALL drops in an instance to de, because that is completely ridiculous. The only reason people are not rolling greed on everything is because the game mechanics prevent an enchanter from disenchanting a soulbound item on another character. Therefore, an enchanter refusing to disenchant something is just plainly telling your group “You just picked up 5 dollars. I have magic powers to turn that 5 dollars into 10 dollars, at a completely negligible cost to me. But you know what? I’M NOT GOING TO.”

Sure, they are perfectly within their right since no one can come over to their house and whup them on the head to make them do so. But stop with all the silly justifications about how enchanters deserve the shards and how they levelled up the profession so they should get the benefit. Next time you want mage strudel, level your own mage to 80. Oh you want me to taunt that mob off you? Roll a pet class. Want heals? Reroll draenei please. Fort? Buy a stamina scroll, I’ll sell it to you for 10g each.

Why play with someone who is shouting out to the world “I’m a selfish asshat and proud of it”?

2 thoughts on “Enchanting Shards

  1. Enchanting is NOT a gathering profession. So what happens to the whiners who can herb/mine/skin AND enchant? What’s THEIR argument?

    Enchanters do not need two professions to cover DE and Enchanting.

    Maybe next time I can go with a miner to instances and say /roll for ores because I can prospect.

  2. Even if you can prospect, it doesn’t change the fact that the ores already belong to the miner. If he gives them to the group, he loses out. Therefore there is no reason for him to do so.

    For an enchanter, the item already belongs to someone else. Therefore, he does not lose anything by disenchanting for someone, he only produces a gain for his party members by clicking a button.

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