Where is the best place to farm…

Arctic fur? Frost lotus? Titanium? Any other non-bop item?

How many times have you heard your guildies ask this question? Every single time someone asks me this, I give them the same reply…

The Auction House.

This is especially true when the item in question is a “rare drop”, like those mentioned above. You could farm for hours without seeing one. In that same time, you could easily have done a couple of daily quests which give some rep as well as gold, and happily picked it up at the AH. In the meantime, you will eventually find such an item in your daily adventuring anyway, at which time you can just sell it on the AH for the same price as you bought it (or better). Net result: you get to use the item you wanted earlier, without any change in your total gold amount.

Always remember, any non-bop item is basically convertible into gold. If you are going to farm for it, you are basically farming for gold. And if you are farming for gold, just do whatever gives you the most gold. Why do something that gives 50g per hour when something else will give 200g per hour?

We have a pally friend in our guild now who constantly respecs and buys boe epics for all his sets. He’s now grinding gold to repay a 1.5k gold debt to another guildie as well as return some abyss crystals for an enchant. Where is he farming gold?

He grinds Karazhan.

I kid you not. He is literally killing mobs in Karazhan mindlessly, to vendor their trash and pick up their coins. He is not an enchanter, so he can’t even disenchant the boss drops. When I tried to convince him to actually use his professions (alchemy) he complained that he doesn’t make a profit unless he procs flasks from his elixir spec. Apparently a 20% profit for standing around making an unlimited number of flasks isn’t enough, he’d rather incur repairs and pick up silver from mob corpses. When I suggested daily quests, he said he does not like questing.

I guess there is a reason he is in debt in the first place >.<

2 thoughts on “Where is the best place to farm…

  1. Yeah you do get the odd person who likes to do things the hard way. I still think at level 80 the easiest way to get gold is as you say questing.

    I kind of got bored of my Rogue at level 80 so am now levelling a paladin, Ive picked up mining and blacksmithing and its so far so good. At level 43 im sitting at almost 700g so im pretty happy, im trying to survive on drops,quest rewards or my crafting for gear as I really dont see the point in spending vast amounts of gold on armour.

    I also dont understand paladins or warriors who dont have mining and blacksmithing or at the very least have a toon to make them stuff. You can make some really good blue and epic gear lvl 77 onwards which will do the business until you get better drops.

    Ah well

  2. svin

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