Here comes another Pengu

We all know gnomes are the master race. I just realised that for all of my character classes, any class that can be a gnome already is one. My warlock is a gnome, my unloved death knight is a gnome, and my mage is a gnome. If my druid, pally or shaman could be gnomes, I think they would be.

I took my mage Piupiu out from cold storage at level 54 a couple of weeks ago. She was parked in Tanaris transferring items between our Alliance and Horde bank characters. I got motivated to level her to see for myself exactly how difficult mage dps can be at the end-game, due to the larger than average proportion of absolutely terrible mages we met. So I used the bajillion Stone Keeper’s Shards I had saved up on my druid and pally, and bought her the heirloom staff and shoulders. The ones bought with Emblems of Heroism are technically better since they have better stats and not resilience, but I had much better things to do with my emblems and the Shard versions are pretty awesome anyway (the shoulders also have the +10% experience bonus which is what matters).

Despite being quite weak compared to my warlock, she’s now 71. She powered through Outlands going through only Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, a bit of Terrokar and Nagrand without the group quests. It’s really hard to kill elites that can’t be slowed without a tank (the water elemental dies in 4 hits). Northrend is so much better, especially since she can actually get respectable gear easily.

The end result?

Pengu Piupiu

It’s another pengu! Can’t wait to get my pengu pet with her as well. Should give her the Polymorph: Penguin glyph as well keke. I’m going to keep this set of armor around so she can run around looking like that at 80 as well.

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