All hail the gnome sacrifice!

Well, just after posting about the great mage experiment, I got to try out Piupiu in 10-man Naxx. I joined a pug that only had Plague Wing, Sapphiron and KT left. Switched in my hit rating gear giving me 14.7% hit, more than enough with 3% hit from talents, and zoned in to Noth.

With raid buffs (shaman totems, shadow priest, warlock coe) Piupiu seems to do a lot better. I was vying with a Death Knight for top dps throughout the whole run, except on those fights where I died like a complete retard (first dance on Heigan, first breath on Sapphiron…) As mentioned, part of it is definitely me getting the rotation down much better and being much more aware of Hot Streak. Crits seem to make or break a frostfire spec, as they refund mana, proc ignite and give instant pyroblasts. On Loatheb I pulled 3.8k dps, which isn’t too shabby since I was helped by the spore buff almost all the time. I had a 95% crit rate on most of my spells which at times led to me practically spamming pyroblast.

To top things off, I got really lucky and rolled a 99 on the t7 shoulders, over a rogue who rolled 98. Of course, this only happened because I had just bought and equipped Dark Runic Mantle the day before for 140g, and slapped a 65g Sons of Hodir enchant on it. Oh well, time to buy another gem and another 65g enchant…

So Piupiu now has these awesome buff glowy shoulders, and her stats aren’t looking half bad either.
Buffy Shoulders Piupiu

About 1520 spell power and 31% crit rate with Molten Armor and AI.

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