It’s only 200 gold

I was on my auction house mule a couple of days ago, checking my auctions and selling stuff in an effort to clear space from our overcrowded guild bank. Prices have climbed recently in the pre-patch rush from many investors stocking up on materials that are thought to sell well. Our experience has shown that often the pre-patch rush is a better time to sell stuff than after the patch itself, as the sudden huge dump of goods causes prices to spike and then crash spectacularly.

Anyway, while I was checking the AH I saw the following message in Trade chat:
PoorMoron: Anyone knows of a server with a balanced economy? The prices here are outrageous I can’t afford anything!!!

Out of curiosity I checked him and found PoorMoron (not his actual name… that would require superhuman honesty on his part) to be a level 15 warrior standing in Ironforge. So, despite my better judgement, I decided to try to help him.
Me: What do you need to buy? Normally you don’t need to buy anything on the AH at level 15 since you outlevel everything you buy in 1 hour.
PoorMoron: Weapons, enchants, gems??? Recipes for my crafting???
Me: The recipes on the AH are rare drops, that’s why they are expensive. But they are also useless because they are low level. As for gear, you can normally get pretty good gear just from levelling and questing.
PoorMoron: I’ve done 50 quests and never gotten anything but crap. Its impossible as a new player to get any gear because the prices are crazy!!!

Ok… so I checked for green 2-handed weapons, level 10-15. Bingo, there’s a level 10 2-handed mace of the Wolf for 14 silver.

Me: You can buy a adequate 2-hander for 14 silver on the AH. That should be quite affordable at level 15.

A few minutes later, enter the Scourge of Humanity called “friendly helpful people”.

PoorMoron: Thanks very much to CharityMoron, he just gave me 200 gold. It’s great to know that there are still helpful people who want to give a hand to new players.

I sent a tell to CharityMoron asking him why he did that, since all he did was teach this new guy that standing around Ironforge incessantly whining gets free gold rather than using his professions, being self-reliant and playing the game. The inevitable response?

CharityMoron: who cares. it’s only 200 gold

Yup, it’s only 200 gold. It’s nothing to a level 80. It made CharityMoron feel warm and fuzzy. Now SlightlyLessPoorMoron can go buy a twink BoE blue level 19 weapon for 190g, and kill mobs in 3 swings rather than 4 (OMG!!!!! he’ll be 80 in no time thanks to this!!!), and then continue to whine in Ironforge about how expensive things are at level 20-29… and level 30-39…. At 70 he’ll whine about 6000g for a epic flyer, at 80 he’ll whine about the cost of a Titansteel Destroyer…

Why listen to real advice when “friendly helpful people” are around? Why learn when whining gives you 200 gold in 5 seconds?

One thought on “It’s only 200 gold

  1. Funny how things change. I remember back when I first started my toon (way before TBC) and a friend who had a 60 gave me a couple gold. I took it as a loan, and paid him back as soon as I could. I had no concept of money at all.

    Too bad CharityMoron couldn’t figure out that PoorMoron was just an alt of somebody already familiar with the game. Begging at lvl 15… psh. The nerve!

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