Free Wintergrasp Epics

I didn’t really pay much attention to patch notes, so I was kinda surprised to hear that they added new stuff to Wintergrasp. I popped over on my pally to check them out… and my jaw dropped.

Wintergrasp is an obscene source of amazing epics now. Previously, I always made sure to get 55 marks on all my alts while levelling so that they could easily pick up an epic helm and boots at 80. They come in different flavours, including Dominance which gives an amazing amount of hit rating. The helm also comes with a meta slot, which normal quest blues don’t give.

With 3.1, new epic ilevel 213 chestpieces and belts have also been added, in the same flavours of hit rating or haste rating. The chestpieces can be had for 40 Wintergrasp marks, and the belts for only 15 marks. Even with the wasted stats on resilience, they completely blow all heroic blues out of the water and are comparable to naxx-10 epics. It also helps that chestpieces tend to be harder to find in my experience, with the crafted pieces being more expensive.

But the real killers… are the trinkets. Here is a list of the new trinkets available for 25 marks each:
95 Hit rating
95 Haste rating
111 Spell Power OMG
95 Crit rating
190 Attack Power WTF

The on-use ability is the same as the PvP trinkets, on a 2 minute cooldown. They are not fantastic for PvE, but can come in useful, e.g. escaping Prince Keleseth’s Ice Tomb, or King Ymiron’s stun ability, Web-wrap from the Watchers in AN. But the on-equip bonuses are so amazingly high for a single slot that I can well imagine them beating out all other heroic trinkets in dps. For comparison, a spellpower trinket that gives 346 spellpower for 20 secs every 2 minutes would only work out to be 20/120 * 346 = 58 spellpower, just half of what the spellpower trinket provides.

There are other trinkets for 25 marks also with on-equip resilience and on-use dps stats as well, but I don’t think they are as good in PvE:
Attack power
Spell power
Haste rating

A lot of people may not like to do Wintergrasp, especially on PvE servers. But with rewards like these, it really seems a shame not to pick up the free epics. Every Wintergrasp rewards between 1-3 Marks depending on your rank, and you can rank up to the max rank by killing fast respawning NPCs. You don’t even need honor, just Marks. You don’t even need to know what Wintergrasp is about, just go in, kill NPCs or follow the zerg around until you get max rank, then pray your side wins so you get 3 Marks.

We heard there were free epics here...

We heard there were free epics here...


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