Argent Tournament Jousting 101

Patch 3.1 introduced many new things, mostly a multitude of bugs. Raiders got Ulduar, and casuals got the Argent Tournament.

The Tournament is located in north-east Icecrown, just north of Sindragosa’s fall. It is basically a daily grind to rep up with them and eventually obtain Champion’s Seals when you become a Champion of a capital city faction. You start off with some tutorials, eventually becoming as Aspirant, then Valiant (after obtaining 15 Aspirant’s marks), and finally Champion (after 25 Valiant’s marks). The marks are all obtained through dailies.

One of the dailies is a jousting competition, where you have to defeat some NPCs in mounted combat to obtain a specific number of tokens. I’m seeing a lot of people having trouble with the jousting, and hopefully this will help them.

First things first. THE TUTORIALS LIED. You might think that the key to jousting is to break down the opponent’s shield charges using Shield-breaker, then charge them. This is how you are taught in the tutorial quests, reinforced by the fact that the melee training dummy does a lot of damage to you when you hit it, making you think that meleeing is dumb and useless. The reality is that meleeing is the fool-proof way to beating your opponents.

Step-by-step guide to Jousting!
1) Equip your lance, mount up, and stack your shield charges to 3
2) Talk to your opponent
3) When they ride out to the middle of the ring, immediately hit them with a melee attack (hey, it’s free damage)
4) As they move further out, immediately charge them. At this point, they have a full 3 shields up, but charge them anyway. This will remove one of their shield charges, leaving them with 2.
5) As you charge past, try to turn in a circle to come up behind them and hit 2 to fire a shield-breaker. Don’t sweat it if you don’t manage to hit them with it, the key thing is the charge and the wheeling back to close into melee range again. It helps to use the mouse to turn fast.
6) Refresh shield if not at max, and spam melee attack.
7) When the NPC tries to move away to gain range, charge them again (basically repeat step 4)

By maintaining melee range, your opponent is unable to reduce your shield count, whereas you are constantly able to take down their shield count by charging. If you master the shield-breaker after the charge, you are able to take down 2 shields every time they try to gain distance, meaning your melee attacks start hitting very hard as they cannot keep their shields up. In the meantime they can only damage you with melee strikes against your full 3 shields, which does very little damage.

Some people suggest shield-breaker BEFORE the charge when they try to run away, which can be done but I’ve found that sometimes latency results in them charging you first (a global cooldown starts when you fire off shield-breaker). By charging first you ensure that you use your highest damage attack and the global cooldown is used up during the travel time of the charge, meaning you can easily shield-break them provided you wheel correctly to face them.

Using this technique can let you defeat champions easily without going below 40k hp. Good luck!

One thought on “Argent Tournament Jousting 101

  1. Thank you, from the bottom of my Tournament-torn heart…!

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