Don’t tell me how to play my class…

“Level your own warrior/mage/death knight/paladin/warlock/druid/shaman/hunter first, then talk!”

Such a common refrain from the legions of 300 dps hunters, 1000 dps mages, and paladins with spirit gems and enchants.

I don’t quite get why this is so popular. Why should it matter who is giving you advice? Shouldn’t you be arguing based on the actual content of their advice, rather than which character it is coming from?

I don’t need to have a level 80 mage (well, I do) to know that mages shouldn’t be dpsing using frost if they intend to outdps the tank. I don’t need to have a pally (ok, once again I do) to know that equipping a spirit trinket does absolutely nothing because pallies are never outside the 5-second rule and have no “mana regen while casting talents”, and as such have practically 0 spirit regen in combat. I also don’t need to have a warrior (ok, they got me there) to know that enchanting your tanking gloves with Attack Power (cos tanks have such great threat problems nowadays, right???) and not taking 5% dodge talents isn’t a good idea when you’re dropping dead to spike damage.

I’ve even seen commenters on blogs who I assume aren’t complete and total noobs, since very rarely do complete and total noobs even read blogs, say the same thing. “Don’t talk about class X unless you’re raiding Ulduar with one”.

Why? I don’t need to have a level 80 druid to know exactly what a level 80 druid does when healing. This is the age of the Internet, you can access a vast font of information quickly and easily. If I want to know how heavy an elephant is, I can just Google it. I don’t need to fly to Africa, hunt down the elephant and pump tranquilizer darts into it and load it onto my bathroom scale before saying “wow it really does weigh 2 tons”.

Whenever someone says that, I just get a mental picture of a kid throwing a tantrum with his fingers in his ears going “naa naa naa I’m not listening”. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a damn stupid phrase?

One thought on “Don’t tell me how to play my class…

  1. lol I agree, I still class myself as a noob after 4 years playing and take advice onboard if offered, if however it is ‘OMG U F”£$in NUB you should have over ‘ then thats a different matter entirely.

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