The return of Crowd Control… sorta

On Sunday, the guild finally managed to down 10-man Mimiron after his major nerf. Of course, the guild leader told me “he wasn’t nerfed that much, just that the tank won’t get 1-shot by laser barrage while the bottom spins madly”. I was like “yeah, that’s the whole reason we kept wiping on P4 wasn’t it…”

So with Mimiron down, we decided to head in to try General Vezax. Of course to get to him, we had to clear his/her/its trash…

*Cue Twilight Zone music* “OMG it’s Shadow Labs”

There are quite a few packs of Twilight buggers standing around, with a Fire elemental add as well. There seems to be a mix of ranged/melee/healer mobs in each pack. We were only running with a single tank since Vezax himself only requires one tank, and coincidentally none of the other tank-capable classes present had a tanking dual spec.

So… we actually had to CC!!! Mobs were actually marked, people pulled out sheep, freezing trap, sap and blind from their spellbooks. The raid leader assigned CCs… the rogue sapped his target… tank pulled… mage sheeped his star… and then everyone pressed their AoE button.

The “snikt snikt” of Fan of Knives mixed in with swirling yellow Divine Stooooorm and crackling Thunderclap. Both hunters tried to trap the same mob, only to have their auto shots break the trap immediately afterwards. Our shadow priest friend courageously tried to help matters… by putting SW: Pain on every mob that was loose. The mage tried to resheep his target, but immediately after it hit the warrior frantically charged over and devastated the mob.

Amazingly we didn’t wipe, but I think there were only 4 people left alive at the end of it. It was hilariously bad CC, and really showed how rusty a lot of people had become at CC. Or maybe they never knew how to, given that a lot of players in my guild are of the late-TBC or WotLK generation.

We did sort of improve over the next few pulls, but our hunters definitely did not know how to chain-trap properly and the warrior was obviously unused to working with CC. My shadow priest friend was playing around with Recount and proudly linked to me the damage meters showing him at the top, in reply to which I linked him the CC Breaking meter with him at the top as well.

We had quite a few tries on General Vezax but never got past the first Surge since a lot of people hadn’t bothered to read up on the fight and it took a while for them to understand what was going on. Despite Mark of the Faceless not being supposed to be cast on people within 15 yards (according to WowWiki anyway) I was pretty darn sure that he cast it on me a few times when I was right at his feet. And it was pretty sad seeing how so many people, especially DPS classes, failed at avoiding Shadow Crash despite DBM putting a GIANT BLUE WARNING on their screen. But at the end of the night, there was some progress made and I’m sure that we will get him down eventually.

But that first pull “with CC” was akin to a mass Leroy Jenkins zerg. I have no idea what the rogue was thinking when he stealthed up, distracted, sapped, then spammed Fan of Knives šŸ˜›

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