DK – Dunceykong!

Not much has been happening on the raiding scene, so I’ve been playing my latest alt a lot more.

The originally abandoned midget of destruction is now 72 and beginning his adventures in Dragonblight. Obviously I’m following my own path to 80 so that I get the most rep during the levelling process.

Solo questing is obviously a /facerolling affair, especially with a blood-spec DK. But I also managed to get into a UK and Nexus group, which was slightly more interesting.

Utgarde Keep

The UK run was pretty fail at the start. I was actually prepared to go buy my dual-spec and craft some cobalt tanking gear if they needed a tank, but the resto druid leader asked if the pally could tank and he said “sure, let me go buy a shield”.

Ok this should have set off warning bells in my head at this point (prot pally with no shield? wut?) but my brain was numb from the facerolling. We zoned in, and when I looked at the pally he was a) 53 points ret and b) wearing 0 defense. He “tanked” with no Righteous Fury and used Seal of Light.

“Ok, let me try tanking… it can’t be worse” So there I was with hardly any tanking gear and a non-tank spec. Surprisingly it actually went fairly well (with me popping all cooldowns) until that last pull in the dragon room, where we wiped because Healbot zoinked out on the resto druid and he kept casting slowmo Healing Touches instead of hots. The mage threw a fit complaining about people using mods to heal for them (had been complaining since the first pull about the pally as well) and left group.

Fortunately, the warlock kindly offered to come tank this with her 74 prot warrior (who actually had some tanking gear) and we got another warlock to replace the QQmage. This went much better and we cleared the rest of the place without much incident, although Dunceykong died to Ingvar’s axe whirlwind 1s after Ingvar died… Ended up topping dps with about 1k over the run.


The next day, I saw the same druid healer in lfg for Nexus along with a bunch of others. I’d already done all the pre-quests, so we quickly formed up and got ready to go. The group was a 70 prot pally (yes he was actually prot, although still with minimal defense), me as 71 blood DK, another 70 DK who seemed to be unholy, a 76 hunter, and the 70 druid.

I had reservations due to the pally’s gear, but he actually seemed to tank fairly well. Perhaps the druid also managed to fix his add-ons. I helped along the way with Mark of Blood to make the enemies heal the tank with their attacks when he got low, but we killed every boss with only 1 wipe on the dragon due to the hard-hitting enrage.

The other DK, however, was a classic. He did about half my damage throughout the run, and was about a third below the pally tank. He had defense gems socketed in his dps gear. According to Recount, his top 3 damage abilities were… Auto-attack, Frost-fever (DoT) and Plague Strike (DoT). Judging from this, his “rotation” was probably
1) run up and Icy Touch
2) Plague Strike
3) Pestilence to spread diseases
4) eat sandwich

The best part was when he told me to stop using Death and Decay because “the tank needs aggro”. Since this pally tank actually had a brain and was using consecrate, he never had any aggro problems. So I happily continued using D&D while he happily continued auto-attacking.

Overall, I did about 1150 dps for the Nexus run. Sadly, the level 76 hunter did barely more damage than the pally tank, although based on my past experiences with hunters this isn’t really surprising anymore. Doing 42% of the group’s damage is quite impressive for a DK in quested greens randomly spamming Heart Strike and Death Strike.

I’ve since dual-specced and plonked points into a unholy tanking spec, as well as bought a set of tanking glyphs and crafted some cobalt tanking gear. Not sure if the opportunity will come up for me to tank anymore before I reach 80, but if it does I’m definitely prepared.

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