Me and my wife are trying out another free-to-play MMO now. Since we were just starting out and pretty much clueless, she found a guide on the class I was playing and sent me the link.

The guy who wrote the guide did a pretty good job. He split the guide into sections with bookmarks, had some good comments on the skills, some starter combos, and explanations of how various things worked.

After he posted his guide in the forums, he got 2 comments. The first said the guide needed more pictures and colors. The second poster said he got bored halfway and stopped reading it.

It’s really pathetic how incredibly lazy and stupid some people can get. I mean, they clicked on a post titled “Guide to Thief class”, on an online forum. What did they expect, a streaming video and emo Linken Park music? Oh my god, a guide that contains words! Shocking!

Some people type literally in walls of text. Yes, that can be hard to read, especially if it spans multiple pages. But this guy’s guide was in multiple paragraphs, broken down into organised sections. It wasn’t even particularly long. It would take less than 5 minutes for someone to read through it from start to finish.

And someone got bored halfway through that? Has this person ever read a book past the first page? Do they refuse to use a dictionary?How are they supposed to get through school? Ok, the obvious answer is that they won’t. Sigh. Can we get basic literacy to be a criteria before being allowed to procreate?

If you can’t read without colors and pictures, you’re not old enough to be on the Internet. “TLDR” is like a signature saying “hai guyz lookit me im dum”.


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