What people want

Is most likely not what they need.

This is one of those unpleasant truths that everyone is actually aware of, but time and time again it slips from their minds. Most people are remarkably bad at making decisions concerning their own well-being. Just look at how many people still lounge around smoking 10 cigarettes a day, when they are perfectly aware of the consequences on their health.

I’ve seen many comments on the changes to emblems coming in 3.2, and one of the most common arguments for it is that everyone benefits from it, so why complain about it? It is seen as pure spite that some people would want to deny others the opportunity to get loot.

What they forget, or maybe do not want to admit, is that Blizzard sending out 50,000 gold to every character’s mailbox would also benefit everyone. Being able to buy a full set of epic ilevel 300 gear for 57 silver when you ding 80 would also benefit everyone. Would it be wrong to complain against these too?

I’ve actually stopped my subscription, not really in response to this particular change, but for a host of other reasons that I may or may not get around to writing about. So in reality I’m fairly ambivalent about this since I don’t particularly care if Joe Schmoe wants to farm Naxx for 2 weeks to get T8.5 gear. But the main point is that the change was totally unnecessary.

“Casuals” want amazing epic loot. But they don’t need it at all, unless the Argent Tournament scourge somehow got amazingly buffed since the last time I did those dailies.

Alt/new raiders want free epics to “be able to catch up”. But you can easily perform at 80-90% of a fully epicced out character with just boe blues and purples and some heroic gear. Unless you intend to do a full clear of hard-mode Ulduar with alt characters, you don’t need to be decked out in purples to down any normal mode boss. Back when everyone was making resto shamans in BT/Sunwell, you could just bring them along to farm bosses and they’d pick up 4 pieces of loot a night. And BT was a lot harder than Ulduar.

The problem is that because “it’s just a game”, some feel that they are entitled to getting all the rewards that they want, because they pay the same 15 bucks as everyone else. It’s a very true observation that no one will pay to play a game that makes them realise that they suck. What they need is to realise that Blizzard actually designed a great endgame that can be enjoyed by everyone (with a brain). Unfortunately the morons would rather stop playing rather than learn, so in order to maximise revenue Blizzard has no choice but to dumb down content.

It makes me wonder how long pure democracies can survive. “One man, one vote” is beginning to sound scarily similar to “I pay 15 dollars a month too so I get what I want”. I’m sure people would vote for a candidate who promises everyone a free car if they thought he could deliver on it, regardless of what his actual credentials are.

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