After a long hiatus…

So… I ninja-stopped blogging way way back in July 09, for many reasons. First and foremost was of course the fact that I stopped playing WoW, which was previously the biggest focus of this blog. Of course, I never claimed it to be the sole focus (a good lesson I learned from Tobold in one of his old posts about not tying his blog to any particular game). A bunch of other personal reasons were also the fact that I quit my old job to pursue something different, as well as the imminent arrival of a special package… which actually surprised us with an early delivery in November…

But while I’ve quit WoW, I haven’t quit gaming. In fact, I take inspiration from The Ancient Gaming Noob who still manages to have a lot of fun in multiple games while raising a kid. So I sort of took the opportunity to take a look at other games which I’ve missed out on. I especially felt a bit weary of subscription games, since I wasn’t likely to have that much time to play anymore and it feels like a waste to me to pay a monthly fee for a game and not play it. Also, my wife who had previously played WoW with me for many years seemed to be feeling a bit down on games in general and wasn’t likely to be playing that much either, so it would probably have to be something I could play solo.

So, having been released from the sticky embrace of WoW I took the time to explore a whole bunch of new games, ranging from free-to-play mmos to single player games on the PC. But after a long tour of games which always felt like something was lacking, I may have finally found a new gaming home. I’ll probably elaborate more on this in a next post to avoid a humongous wall of text for my first return post…

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