Goals in EVE

Well everyone says you need long term planning to play EVE, so I better set down some goals for myself to work towards before I get too sidetracked. I have a tendency to like my characters to be jack of all trades, which may not be that great an idea given my limited playtime.

Current status
Given that my character is Caldari, I’ve gotten my skills to fly Caldari cruisers and have been doing missions in my Caracal. I also have decent missile skills for the launchers on the Caracal, and minimal drone skills to use 2 light drones in the drone bay. However, I’ve been pondering whether it would be better to switch to a drone-based ship such as those used by the Gallente. Using drones for firepower would free up all the turret slots on the ship for salvagers and tractor beams. One problem with running missions in the Caracal is that I can only pack 1 salvager without sacrificing too much firepower, and cleaning up the wrecks is a bit slow. Using a Vexor, the Gallente drone cruiser, would allow me to mount 2 salvagers and 2 tractor beams while maintaining basically the same amount of firepower via 5 medium drones. Drones also have the same advantage as missiles in that they can do all 4 types of damage depending on the drone type used, which makes them fairly powerful in PVE. The downside is that I have to pay attention to their aggro and recall them when they are being targetted, or risk losing them. Then again they aren’t fantastically expensive either…

So, I’ve decided to try out both and see which is a better fit (never mind that the Caldari and Gallente are technically at war, and I’d be playing both sides of the fence).

1) Train up to use Gallente Cruisers III, which will allow me to use a Vexor.
2) Train armor tanking skills, since my defenses have so far concentrated on shield tanking as befits a Caldari ship
3) Train Drones to 5, and whatever prerequisite skills there are to use medium/heavy drones
4) Train Drone related skills, such as range and hp+damage

Once I try out the Vexor (hopefully by this weekend), I’ll decide whether to make the push for Gallente or Caldari battlecruisers. On the Caldari path, the ships of interest would be the Drake battlecruiser and then the Raven battleship, both of which are renowned mission runners with great shield tanking abilities. On the Gallente side, the drone boats would be the Myrmidon battlecruiser and Dominix battleship.

As I’m going for army training for the next 2 weeks, I’ll have to ask my wife to help me keep my skills training. I’ll probably ask her to help train up all the Engineering and Electronic skills, which pertain to reducing CPU and powergrid usage and increasing shield and capacitor recharge time. These skills would come in handy no matter which ship I use, so might as well take the time to train them up to level 5.


And of course, one everpresent goal is : make more ISK. I’ve no idea how much the battlecruisers and battleships cost, although they are only T1 and therefore should be fairly affordable. The Vexor costs about 3.4 million ISK, maybe less if I put in a buy order at Jita, so that is no problem. My current balance is about 10 million on my main, with 7 million in buy orders. He can probably sell off some stock for another 1 million or so. He already has no sell orders out, in preparation for moving all trading responsibilities to my alt. My alt started out with a 4 million capital infusion from my main, but he has already made a fair chunk of that back from trading and also from doing all the tutorial missions. But sales volumes have been really low lately, and I’m still sitting on a bunch of skill books that I bought. People have started to undercut pretty heavily, and I might have to move out of this region. Not sure if sales would be better in a bigger trade hub like Jita or Rens. Volume might be higher but I bet there’s a huge bunch of people all trying to make money trading at those hubs as well, which would cut down on the margins.

I’d also like to eventually move into the industrial crafting side of EVE, but I don’t really know how to get started on this. Ideally it would be another source of income that I can do offline, pop a bunch of stuff into the manufacturing queue and sell them for profit, but I’ve read from quite a few people that there isn’t much profit margin from this, short of blowing up ships for the insurance money (which may be getting fixed). It may also be difficult to compete with long-time crafters who have better crafting skills and thus lower costs. Something to look into, maybe after I finish up Battlecruisers and have more capital to invest.

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