The Great Gallente Migration

So I realised that “train Drones to V” is a much bigger roadblock than expected… taking more than 3 days. since Drones V will allow me to control 5 drones, I wouldn’t be able to really be effective with the Gallente Vexor cruiser without it (drone boat with only 4 drones = sad). Looks like I won’t be able to try out the drone style this weekend, but anyway my Caracal is still pretty overpowered.

However, my sales have not been as good as expected. The volume has dried up significantly and I haven’t been able to sell much. Of course, this might be due to it being the middle of the week. But I decided to try my hand at trading in Jita. The margins there seem to be lower, but being the biggest trade hub in EVE hopefully the volume will make up for it.

The other reason is that I would like to build up my standings with the Caldari corporations first… since I’m like… Caldari.

Thus began the great migration from Oursulaert to Jita. I bought and trained Gallente Industrial on both my main and my alt, and brought over the Iteron industrial ships that I’d gotten from the tutorial missions to my warehouse in Oursulaert. However, I would have to make multiple trips since I could only pilot 1 ship at a time and anything bigger than a frigate doesn’t fit in an Iteron. So, first I fitted out my main’s Iteron with Expanded Cargohold I’s and dumped all his accumulated loot into it, after first cancelling all buy and sell orders. Then, time for the 12 jump trip to Jita… I actually put it on autopilot at first since I was busy, but took extra care when I saw that I had to pass through a 0.5 sec system and a couple of 0.6s. Contrary to my expectations though, I made it through. I was about the head back on the return journey in my pod to pick up my cruiser and destroyer when I realised I could buy a shuttle for about 9k ISK, which flies much faster than my pod and is much safer >.<

So after shuttling back, I decided to move my alt first since my first Iteron had made it through without issues. Again, loaded up the Iteron and made another 12 jump trip. Wow, 2 times lucky, no issues and I immediately set up shop at Jita and started putting in some buy orders on items that seemed profitable.

Now for my main again. I started the cruiser on the trip on autopilot since I don't think anyone would bother suicide ganking a cruiser which obviously isn't carrying any cargo. About halfway through, I realised that I had been offered a storyline mission by some Gallente agent which I had been meaning to do in the cruiser. However, it came with a catch in that I had to go to a low-sec 0.2 system. And I'd just been reading about Wilhelm’s low-sec mission adventure yesterday… which didn’t inspire me with much confidence. After some hmming and hawing I decided to just go ahead with moving the cruiser to Jita and maybe try the mission with my Cormorant destroyer, which was fully insured after a previous mishap involving warp scrambling rogue drones and my Cormorant Version 1.

So… back to Jita, purchased another shuttle (gee those CONCORD ships along the way must have been wondering what the heck was going on) and back I went to Oursulaert. Popped into the destroyer and went out to the agent to accept and try the mission… only to find that the mission system was 11 more jumps away in the opposite direction from Jita. Now wtf… not only is it in low sec, but it’s a huge detour away? Screw you Gallente frenchies, I’m going back to Caldari space!

It was only after arriving back in Jita (for the 4th time…) that I realised I had been exceedingly dumb. I didn’t have to take all the trouble to fly back and forth to move my ships/modules, I could have simply stripped them of equipment and sold them at Oursulaert for a higher price and bought another hull at Jita for lower. After all, ISK doesn’t occupy any cargo space… Ah well, something to keep in mind. Everything is ultimately convertible to ISK, no reason to lug around huge volumes of equipment.

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