A Vexing Affair…

for the poor pirates in Kakalela, that is.

Hair-dryer of Doom

Despite not having trained up Drones V yet, I decided to take my new Vexor drone boat cruiser out for a spin since I managed to pick one up for fairly cheap. Actually, this wasn’t the first one I picked up. Over the weekend the prices for Vexors suddenly spiked. When I managed to buy one for 3.3 million, I had to decide whether to use it or sell it for the 4.7 million the market was selling them for. Since I wasn’t originally intending to use it yet, I decided to sell it for the 1.4 million profit which was not to be sneezed at. However, over the day I managed to pick up a few more and sold those as well, so I decided to keep one for fun.

Fitted out with 4 light and 4 medium drones, as well as a tractor beam and 2 salvagers, the Vexor is great for mission running. Well, at least for the level 1 missions I’m currently running. The drones tear everything apart at 35 km, while the 2 salvagers and most importantly the tractor beam makes salvaging much much faster than with my Caracal’s sole salvager. Occasionally I have to recall the drones if they’re taking too much damage, but otherwise they auto-target and kill everything while I busily loot and salvage the wrecks. The only issue is that the Vexor’s tank doesn’t seem as strong as the Caracal’s, but this could be due to the fact that I often end up hovering dead in space while busy salvaging, so I’m taking a lot of unnecessary hits. Furthermore, I haven’t actually had to armor tank yet, which is the Vexor’s strong suit. It’s rare enough that they get past my shields. Plus I kinda fit the Vexor out with odds and ends that I hastily purchased and didn’t really look into getting a good fit, but its doing the job so far.

I’ve been chain-running missions for the Caldari Navy since they sound like a good corporation to build standings with. At least the station I’m at has 2 agents that frequently give combat missions instead of boring courier missions.

On the trading side, my alt has made a ton of cash. My main sent him another 10 million as capital, and so far he’s more than doubled his initial investments. Much better than mission running, and semi-afk to boot.

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