Manufacturing musings and more

Just some random musings about EVE plans. There’s always more plans, there’s so much I want to do that I don’t even know where to start most of the time.


I’ve always intended to go into manufacturing eventually in EVE. While it may or not be very profitable, it’s relatively passive and I kind of like having the freedom to make my own ships or ammo or modules. It always annoys me slightly when I want to get a certain piece of equipment and the current orders on the market are a bit overpriced, but I have that “want it naaaaoooo” itch. Granted manufacturing isn’t exactly instant but it gives me slightly more control over delivery times.

The downside is that, as always with everything in EVE it seems, that I’d need a whole bunch of skills first. Most people say you need to have Production Efficiency up to 4 before even beginning to think about making stuff, otherwise a lot of the materials are wasted. Considering that my current Production Efficiency is at 0 (haven’t even injected the skill)… yeah. It’s going to be a while.

The other thing to consider is which character to train it on. I have a combat pilot and a trading alt who’s ensconced in Jita making moola, both on the same account. Ideally I’d have 2 accounts with the industrialist training skills on the second, but this does not seem open to me without getting around some super serious Wife Aggro ™.

At first glance it makes more sense to train it on the trading alt, since it’s much easier for him to set buy orders for raw materials (no I’m not going to mine for them) and to sell the manufactured goods at Jita. It’s also easier for him to look after his manufacturing queues since he’s always in a station and doesn’t have to fly back and forth. Although I’m not sure how many manufacturing slots are available in Jita…

On the other hand, it’s a pain to train skills on the alt. I have to first log in to my main, pause his skills, log off, relog in completely (you’d think EVE would have a character select screen, but it seems that CCP is against this for some reason), start the skill on the alt. And vice versa to resume training on the main once the alt is done. And it sets a very specific time when I must be online to do the switch once the skill is done, since I don’t want to waste any time training any other skills on the alt. Also, apparently your standings affect the refining output/costs. Since for some reason my trading alt is Gallente, and he’s right smack in the middle of Caldari space without having done a single mission for any Caldari corporations… yeah I have non-existent standings.

The profit margin on manufacturing also seems slim, especially since I’d be competiting against people with a lot more skillpoints invested which does make a huge difference in the costs and therefore the margins. I may just hold off on this for the time being, at least until my main has finished training up more skills. He still hasn’t even finished his learning skills (finally getting Focus to 4, which will make all learning skills including the 2nd tier up to 4). Not sure if I would push for 5, it would make sense but the thought of probably a month training learning skills again sounds… ugh. He really needs to upgrade his shield and engineering skills from his current pathetic levels. At least he finally reached close to 2 million skillpoints.

Give me a break, I’ve only been playing for slightly more than a month.


Something else I wanted to dabble in was research. However, my interest in this has waned somewhat now that I know a bit more about the game. First of all, I’d need to train up a whole bunch of skills first (no surprise). Then, I’d need to increase standing with some R&D corps. As I’m still busily grinding standing with Caldari Navy (up to 2.47 now! go me!), this seems to be a pain although the second time should be easier once I have some better standings with Caldari State as a whole. The other thing is that I’d have to periodically fly all over the place to pick up datacores. Flying 5 jumps is already boring for me and cuts into my limited play time at night, even with warp to 0 -> jump. I’m just a lazy bastard, I know… Plus reading about Tipa’s and Wilhelm’s endeavours in Invention have informed me about how chancy an operation that is. I don’t like gambling with my isk on something that has a high chance of producing absolutely nothing, I’m just risk averse that way, even if there’s a high payout on the times it succeeds.

Own corporation?

I’ve also been considering making a little corp for my main and alt. They’re currently in the starter NPC corporations, one Caldari and one Gallente. But they still love each other. There isn’t really much impact for the trader alt, since he just sits in Jita. But for the main, the NPC corp still taxes him on bounties and mission rewards. And this taxed ISK goes into a black hole, never to be seen again since obviously I’m not getting any benefits from the NPC corp. I considered joining EVE University, a corporation that helps new players learn the game. At least even if they do have taxes, the money would be going towards something useful. But in the end, I didn’t because a) I’m too lazy to apply and b) they’re constantly getting war-decced by random griefers and they have all sorts of rules that I may not want to abide by.

Having a corp would also have the advantage that I could transfer items between the two using the corp hangars. I think the only way I can do it now is through contracts, and I haven’t even really tried that yet though I now have some items I’m supposed to pass to my main. It seems to be much more of a hassle than simply dropping into a shared hangar, similar to a guild bank account in WoW, which was invaluable for all our alts then. This would make taking up manufacturing on my main a lot more feasible since the trading alt could just pop all the minerals into the corp hangar for my main to use whenever he drops by Jita.

The downside is that first of all, I have no idea how to set up a corp. Also, I think I have to rent an office somewhere to have corp hangars. I’d ideally want it in Jita, since that’s where my alt is doing all his trading. However… I think office space at Jita goes for an obscene premium. I haven’t actually checked, but I remember an old post somewhere that said it was something like 16 million a month. Ok, it’s per month so it’s not that bad. But still it’s not to be sneezed at for something that may just be a convenience factor.

I could site the office somewhere else for much cheaper, but then I’d have to travel there all the time to exchange stuff. And there’s a problem with ships, since my alt can’t actually FLY those ships I buy for my main. I don’t want to have to haul minerals around all over the place if I actually go ahead with manufacturing too. Hmm.

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