Mini milestone

So waaaay back in September 2008 The Ancient Gaming Noob reached the milestone of 1 billion ISK in EVE. Of course since then he has doubled it, reaching 2 billion by Jan 2009 and by now he must be a multi-billionare.

My own milestone is a bit more modest. I’ve reached half a billion ISK in buy/sell orders plus saleable assets. I think I actually reached this 1 day ago, but I wasn’t sure since I was holding on to a bunch of stock that may or may not sell well. As of last night I had 490 million ISK not including that stockpile, so it’s safe to say that I’ve crossed 500 and more likely reached 550 million.

This is a lot faster than I initially expected, given that my trading alt was created on 14 March 2010. Of course he also started off with 14 million in seed money, without which it would probably have been much slower. The 500 million also has to be taken with a grain of salt because I haven’t actually bought anything expensive in EVE as of yet. My current Vexor only cost about 3.1 million, and up until last night was using absolute rubbish for fittings. More on that later… Suffice to say my biggest expense in consumable items so far has been 4x attribute skillbooks for 4.5 million each, plus a +3 implant for 8 million. I suspect that once I start buying more expensive ships and fittings the growth of my wallet will slow down greatly. Of course that’s also pretty far in the future, given that my skills still suck donkey balls and I’m a long way from being able to pilot a battleship without crashing into the hangar wall.

Incidentally, I don’t quite get how training skills allows a pilot to increase the flight time or max velocity of missiles. It’s not like I’m throwing them out of the cargo bay door when I launch them… I just push a button. Maybe with skills I can /faceroll those buttons harder?

Maybe I need an upgrade…

Since I upgraded to a destroyer and cruiser pretty early this time round, not being completely clueless unlike the last time I tried to play EVE, the level 1 missions have been a complete breeze. As a result, my Vexor has been completely dominating the opposition even with me doing stupid things like hanging dead in space salvaging and looting. Even worse, since I hurriedly took the Vexor out for a spin I actually hurriedly slapped together some fittings on it based on what I had lying in my items hangar. If I remember correctly, the failfit was something like this…

Low slots:
200nm armor plating (yes 200…)
Damage Control I (ok I got something right… although I never had to use it)
Armor Explosive Hardener
Medium Armor Repairer I

Mid slots:
10MN Afterburner I
Capacitor Booster I (loaded with Cap 25 charges)
Small Capacitor Battery

High slots:
Small Tractor Beam I
Salvager I
Salvager I
150mm railgun
150mm railgun

4x Hobgoblin I, 4x Hammerhead I (only 4 because I was training Drones V…)

Sadly this still proved more than sufficient for the missions I was doing… so I kinda forgot about the fitting. Over time I made a couple of slight changes (for better or worse), like swapping out the 150mm railguns for another Small Tractor Beam I and a small Nosferatu since I wasn’t even firing those guns and they did next to nothing when I did remember to fire them. I also swapped out the Armor Explosive Hardener for a Warp Stabilizer, thinking that it might help me if I somehow got ganked while missioning or something. Of course I had no clue that it reduced my own targeting range, so I spent the next few missions wondering why I could only target at 28 km now when previously it was 58 km.

The Noobsauce is thick on this one...

Then last night, I encountered a Level 2 mission which was actually tough. The EoM frigates weren’t dying very fast, and their firepower combined with a couple of cruisers was ripping straight through my shields and cutting alarmingly into my armor. I could hold on temporarily with the Damage Control unit and the Medium Armor Repairer, but my capacitor drained so quickly that I had to warp out 2 or 3 times before my cap got drained and I was stuck unable to warp or repair. I even resisted my inner skinflint and actually tried consuming those Capacitor Booster charges, only to find that cap booster 25 charges do nothing in a cruiser >.<

Finally I decided enough was enough and headed to the nearest station to do some shopping and refitting. Picked up 2 Cap Recharger IIs (woot, first tech II items!) which I was surprised that I could already use, to put in the mid slots together with the 10MN Afterburner I. Replaced the 200nm armor plating with 1600nm meta 3 plating, and slapped on an Energized Adaptive Nano Plating module to boost resistances instead of that worthless Warp Stabilizer.

Omg what a difference, I could almost permarun the Damage Control unit, afterburner and armor repairer and the tank was much stronger with the resists boost. There was a bit of trouble at the end when an elite frigate showed up and it was almost Dagan part 2. My Hammerheads couldn't get his shields past 30-40% even after 5 minutes plus of plinking away. But I figured that maybe medium drones couldn't hit frigates that well, and decided to send out my Hobgoblins instead. It was either that or my 5 minutes of putting the Nosferatu on him actually drained his cap, because after a bit more plinking the Hobgoblins managed to finally put him into armor. After that he melted fast and I completed the mission, but it's beginning to feel like I need to upgrade myself to Battlecruisers to handle these L2 missions easily…

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